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Anonymous For a Reason

by Sonali Sharma
(Dehradun, India)

Waking up
And pulling apart
The crowded dreams
Of yesterday
Holding firm
My determination
To make up
For all my past mistakes.

Wearing my self-love
My eyes glittering
With my own image
Speaking to me
Through the mirror
Shunning away
The fearsome thoughts
I leave for a new day.

Facing the hustle-bustle
On the road
Miles away from solitude
A frenzy hits my soul
I do not remember
The last time
I counted this noise
All along.

As my legs do not stop
I feel more like a creation
Than a doubt
The road seems endless
But I am
Not willing to stop.

Finally it appears
Hidden for so long
I take a deep breath
Inner voices come forth
Anonymous were we
For a reason
They said
You didn’t knock
On your heart
The path was always there.

Break the anonymous silence
And listen to us
We are your
True potential self!


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