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by Sriram

Day after day I walk out with a thought,
A thought that what if today would be the day,
That I will walk free in an envisioned Utopia,
Not terrorized by this namesake radical,
With a face that only his mother can adore,
Fortified with thoughts that every ā€˜Iā€™ will abhor,
A Coward disguised as a martyr,
Who destroys and will slaughter ,
Misguided soul propelled by delusion
That life is but an illusion,
What if the next step I take would be my last,
Fear of having to be identified by a friend or kin,
Fear crawls into the room with envy and worry
Together they over come me, suffocate me, smother me
Knowledge of a celestial Guillotine ready to pounce,
When an egotistical maniac decides so,
This inspite of the knowledge,
That my frightened thought is his trophy,
While a group cheers my bravery,
Standing behind an impervious armor,
I am the gorge between two valleys,
Of contemplators and executioners,
Sealing my price-less fate,
While all I want is a breath of free air,
And a mundane life without fear!!!

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