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by Arpita
(Jabalpur (M.P.))

It's a trend I have noticed recently.
Travelling in trains, on roads, and streets.
Whether the light is bright or blooming red.
Yes,I have noticed it in the way the people walk.
Cutting through each other like knives through butter.
Troublesome times, hurrying away, running like being chased by ghosts.
Running to or running away from? who knows? Perhaps not even they
And then 'yelp!'
Life stops. People pause. Every one stares.
"Ha ha ha" the offender slaps his friends on their backs, loud hoots and animal shouts.
They walk away unafraid.
The victim, a girl, confused and mortified looks around.
Did he touch me? She would think. Then the question that is our society's very mirror.
Did anyone see?
As if its the girl's fault for getting groped.
As if to reinforce a gentleman will step forth.
"You should have worn better clothes."
And smirks and crooked grins all around.
The victim will walk away forever robbed of her sense of security.
Never again will she turn her back towards the road and eat pani puri.
What if it happens again? She would think.
She knows now what she knew not before.
Apathy is a disease eating away her country men's humanity.


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Oct 13, 2015
by: arpita

Thank u for taking out time to read this poem.

Oct 13, 2015
by: Yunus mohamd

So real, as if i can visuliaze the whole scen
sad but true

Sep 14, 2015
Very much suited for the content
by: Anjana Negi

Wonderful poem,expressing the attitude of the people of our seems that the people of india have lost all the patience and control over themselves for their own materialistic gains,apart from becoming stonehearted and which is very true and also depicted by this poem.congratulations for this poem once again!

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