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April Love

by Alankar Ale
(Bangalore, India)

20th April 2014.

I still remember the date since she made do it.
"I love You Aastha"
'😘😘' She replied with a smiley.

Now that was the most confusing habitude that women had ever had. Usually, conversation without a smiley is drudging. But isn't it little too inappropriate to use in this serious conversation? It sort of made a clumsy mode.

'What??' I typed back.

'You're so dumb, eh? I sent you a kiss idiot.' She replied.

'😊😍' I replied with a smiley this time, thinking why would she even kiss me? She had not seen me in a person. Perhaps she's just being nice. It is just a smiley. I'm just a naive guy whom she had only known for few days. I imagined how it would be to kiss her, and Suddenly I had this urge to kiss her.The popping of my Facebook messenger interrupted my thought.

'I love you too' she wrote back.β€Ž

It's not every day you get a text from a girl saying she loves you. Its literally the most beautiful entity to be heard. I was truly glad that she consented to be with me. I really liked her.

Meanwhile, I was at this stereotypical Engineering college's hostel. A lot of things changed since Deepti and I broke up. I never dated again, I passed my twelfth exams with not too bad checks.
I came to Bangalore to study Engineering. I don't know whats with this Country, On the off chance that you need a not too bad job and salary, Engineering is the best choice they had. I was no different. Being from a middle-class family, I additionally needed the same. In spite of the fact that I had no second thoughts.

I met Aastha at Facebook amid the mid of my second semester. I still remember her profile picture, It was a selfie wearing this black tee with an ideal caption. Although half of her face was covered by her hair, I can see those beautiful sets of eyes. I promptly found her cute. So I messaged her yet her reply took a while though. Just when I was beginning to lament, she replied. Our first conversation went on for an hour. What's more, this turned into a schedule. She was a perfect example of beauty with brains. She was good-humored, she was intellectual. A type of woman whom I always wanted to be with. Consequently, perhaps, I was falling in love with her. On the seventeenth day, after uncountable messages and phone calls, I could no longer wait to tell her my feeling towards her.

"Tringg.... tringg.... tringg" My phone rang.

All the while I was grinning and re-reading the messages. The screen of my phone displayed "Aastha❀"

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