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Artificial Evolution - contd

by Soma Bose
(Pune, India)

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All the doctors and medical staff were waiting for Paul since the last few days. All are eager to take back the modified robots into the hospitals. They looked out but an emptiness moved over the passage.

It was later when Amir discovered Paul hiding with some robots in one of his research laboratory. It was shocking enough seeing Paul did not rectify them. Amir felt watched by eyes blinking in dim light. He saw shapes huddled around the room, their silhouettes thrown on the walls by the dim light.

Amir thought it would be a matter of robotic revolt. Amir heard a scratching sound from Paul's body and observed his right shoulder hunched. Amir caught the snippet of it, Paul was transformed into a half metallic robot.
"What will save us is this metallic robot body from the virus, so I moved on to safety," Paul said.

Paul stretched his hands and legs. Amir was scared. Already drenched as slithering beads of rain sluiced, he decided to walk back. And then something glowed in the sky. Light! It was thunderbolt. Paul too came out from his lab and thunderbolt electrocuted his metallic body part. He fell down. All the robots within his lab fell down too as Paul's metallic body part was itself a remote to control the robots.

Paul lost his consciousness but was still alive. He was taken to hospital and robotic part was removed from his body. The fellow scientists became aware of the incident. What happened next was too fast. Paul recovered, a few times later, he had come close to launch a new model named "alienotic" for further assistance in hospital activities. It was basically an implementation of fossils collected from soil of mars which was craftily stowed into the metallic body. Amir did not know what to think or what to say. Was that a perfect modification of previous robotic model?

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