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Aruna: On her Way - contd

by Puspita Panda
(Bargarh, India)

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Now she was at the verge of a test as a professional. Her story was full of thrill and adventure, I thought. She was proceeding to prove herself as a professional woman.

She continued her story:
“A child needs both the parents to get the full upbringing it deserves; With a self-belief in her and whole hearted support of her husband she was sure she could give the same unconditional love to her son as before.”
“But in a professional career, for a woman it opens difficulties and stress in terms of various factors like leaving my son under the care of a maid servant, living alone in a rented house in an unknown city, social protection, career prospect, work and family balance issues, participation at work and so on.”

It was an utter surprise for me though I had met many persons of almost every field I had never realized the burden on woman while dealing with her different roles and aspects.

The story was progressing in a very subtle manner. When I asked how she coped up with that situation. Her response was full of truth as genuine as her personality.
“I was made sure to make my skills up to date but they did not work out in my new job. I realized I was far behind to fulfill the demands of the organization I stepped into.”Aruna said.

I was totally blank, not in a position to decide when and how to start with!”
“But as I was mentally prepared to face the challenges within the professional sphere and also outside in the larger community, I was ready and least concerned about the consequences.”

It was quiet risky, others can’t dare to take such a bold step was my compliment to Aruna. She proved the point that
“small choices lead to giant consequences.”

She resumed with a sense of pride “I only took a small step each day which was full of difficulties, my son who can’t spend a single minute without his mom , dissatisfied in laws, worried husband, without academic excellence, it was a challenge to fulfill the demand of my profession.”

As a writer I always quote the sayings of wise men, recollected a line “women are truly strong in their ability to handle any adverse situation.”

Days slipped into months, months into years and before she knew Aruna had reached at a place called Outstanding.

Taking care of a child, putting up with the daily pressure of life, a balanced approach towards job and family were the various measures to grade Aruna but she transformed these difficulties into opportunity and gave a beautiful turn to her life.

By knowing that your work is valued and having the ability to fulfill the desired expectations of all concerned make you feel content with your life.

A woman once reliant on her husband is now often regarded as an epitome of dynamism by the higher authorities of her organization on several occasions.

Many a time we are unable to realize our own importance; we need to understand our true worth. With a dint of her will power and courage she was capable of fulfilling her dream and getting an extra sparkle to her life. The society has recognized her importance. Now, she is a successful professional woman.
Yes, she is Aruna.

As a writer, I hope I just need to have the same faith in my ability; my reference point has to reach her excellence.

Behind a successful man there is a woman and behind my success to receive the most prestigious award for writing a very heart touching story there is Aruna.

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Feb 17, 2017
by: Samrat Ghose

One line from the Anecdote "women are truly strong in their ability to handle any adverse situation." It's very true.

Feb 16, 2017
Two wheels of society is incomplete without woman as a wheel
by: R. C. Barik

The story mimics the journey of the evolution from a homemaker to an inspirational destiny by passing a number of noteworthy achievements which will definitely actuate a mass of women community to come forward for an optimistic leadership.

By reading the story of the centre of focus as ARUNA it clearly concluded that in the current arena of modern era A professional woman influence both mass of men and woman community.

Feb 16, 2017
Beautifully Narrated Heart Touching Story
by: Yashaswi Krishna

Dear Mam
It was very much pleasing to go through the short story penned by you. With beautiful Narration, nice turns and a splendid Closing it entangled mind and heart of the readers.
An Inspirational Story that has the potential of being the pathfinder for many Women at Home.

After All 'Women are the best creation of God.'
r s v krishna

Feb 13, 2017
Inspiration for women community
by: Dr.k.pradhan

The story is an inspiration for all women who are in dilemma of what women should or should not be....i like the central character Aruna whose was determined to go not to bow head down.

Feb 10, 2017
Story of a strong lady character .
by: Shreyash Panda

It is nice to go through the story to evaluate the central character ARUNA with a clear reflection of social transformation . Great

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