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Asha, A Ray of Hope- 2

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

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Part 2 (Concluding part)

One day, Dr. Girish went his son's room to know about the love affairs with Asha. He was sitting on the chair and throwing books and papers on the floor. He was looking ugly. He did not visit the barber shop for the last three months. He was careless in wearing the dress. It appears, he was disgusted in the life.
"Chintan, what happened to you? I am observing a lot of changes in your behavior. Tell me your problem?" asked Dr. Girish
"Papa, you know very well about my problem. Instead of helping me, you are creating problems."
"I know your love affairs with Asha. You have promised her to marry."
"Yes! Mummy and papa are coming in my way."
"My dear Chintan, do you know the family background of Asha?"
"I don't want to know her family background. I loved her and decided to marry her. If you don't want to bless us, I will leave home and lead happy life with her."
"Chintan, please do not take such drastic action. I know Asha, since her childhood. She is an orphan and grew up in the orphanage. Nobody knows her caste, culture, family history and about her parents."
"Pappa, we are living in the modern society. Why do you want all the formalities? My only humble request to you is to bless us."
His mother arrived at the same time. Dr. Girish told about the conversation between them.
"Chintan, listen to elder's advice. We always think of your well being."
"Mummy, my decision to marry Asha is final."
She did not approve his wish.
Chintan left with great disappointment.

The Doctor couples were too much worried to know the change in the behavior of their only son. His unusual behavior continued. Dr. Girish being a famous Psychiatrist was unable to cure his own son. The parents realized that they were responsible for this development.

One day, Dr. Pallavi observed a strange attitude of her son Chintan. She walked into the room just as he was about to wear her silk saree. She was startled. He was startled. "Chintan, what are you doing with my saree? It's new....I haven't used it so far. He smiled and handed it back to her. "I forgot to tell you...I am playing Seeta in our college production Ramayana. Rehearsal starts this evening."

This was not the first such occasion between mother and son. In the previous occasions also, he showed his stupidity. Chintan was most disappointed when his parents rejected his wish to marry his classmate Asha. He liked her beauty, good behavior, and wonderful knowledge. In addition to this, she came to his rescue on a number of occasions. Chintan and Asha were moving freely in the garden, shopping malls, and cinema theaters. Once, the lovers were planning to visit a nearby waterfall and some of the nature spots. It was dropped after realizing the problems that may crop up like the elopement of Asha by her lover. Observing the free movement of the lovers, Dr. Girish put a break to their adventure and warned both to stop meeting.

There was a news item about Asha and her success
story. A number of people posing themselves as a relative of Asha requested the orphanage authority that they want to adopt her as a daughter. One Somaraju also posing as a relative, expressed his desire to marry her. Asha bluntly refused to marry him as he gave tortures to her parents. He was 15 years older to her.

Somaraju was a crooked person and prepared to go any extent to marry Asha. He came to know that Asha had already loved Chintan and decided to marry shortly. He was planning to stop this marriage. As a first step, he developed a friendship with Chintan, who was by that time became a person with the mental disorder. In the company of Somaraju, Chintan became a slave of all bad habits.

Chintan's condition became more miserable. His parents could not tolerate the miserable condition of their only son. Dr. Girish took immediate step to admit him in the hospital under his guidance and treatment. He refused to take medical treatment. His parents' attempt to give him proper medical treatment was utterly failed. This was a great shock for his parents and decided to approach Asha. She was the only ray of hope to save Chintan. Asha after knowing the condition of Chintan felt very much.

Ultimately, his parents realized their mistake of false prestige. Both of them went to the Ladies hostel to meet Asha.

Dr. Pallavi requested Asha with folded hands and said, "Asha, you are a ray of hope for us to reform my beloved son Chintan. We respect your love with Chintan. We wholeheartedly support your marriage with Chintan."
"Aunty, please do not praise me. I will try to reform him."

Dr. Girish said,"Asha, the task given to you is very difficult. I have full confidence in you. I know his nature of the disease. I will guide you the line of treatment. I wish you all the best"
"Thank you, sir," replied Asha.

The Doctor couple left with great hope in her.
The priority before Asha was to free Chintan from the bad company of Somaraju and simultaneously bring him back as a normal person. These twin tasks were really a challenge to Asha. She took the help of local police officials. Asha gathered the information about Somaraju and his criminal activities. He was already imprisoned for one year. He was on the list of criminals and his photograph was displayed at the police station. He came to know that Asha is working against him. He threatened Asha to be ready for punishment, including murder.

She became brave and informed the police. The Police officer appreciated her brave steps. One day, Somaraju was caught redhanded, while he was scuffling with the criminal gang. Asha continued her meeting with Chintan for converting him as a noble person. She used to meet Dr. Girish regularly for the guidance of medical treatment to Chintan.

One day, she told, "Chintan your parents have given the green signal for our marriage."
Chintan was too happy to know the good news. He felt good days have commenced in his life.
Asha was successful in the task given to her. Chintan became normal after one year. Asha and Chintan lived happily as life partners.


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