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Chandni Singh from New Delhi

Chandni is  a PhD student and is very fond of writing. She has published poetry and prose in  many magazines. She  also has a chapter in a book on India called Celebrating India and blog regularly at


Chautali Punchathar from Dubai


Chetna Sharma from Faridabad, India

Chetna holds a Masters Degree in English Literature  and has been associated with the development sector for more than 11 years as a communications professional. She loves to read poems, short stories, novels and enjoys creative writing. With her stories she sincerely wishes to touch the reader’s heart and give them a taste for fine reading. She lives with her family in Faridabad. Her leisure time is spent with her kids.


Celin Jay from Pune, India

A restless mother of two restless children


Chandrani Ojha Chakraborty from Chennai, India

Born in a middle class Bengali family, Chandrani was quite passionate about writing since childhood. She wrote her first story at the age of seven about the marriage of a cat and a dog. During her school and college days some of her stories were published in magazines. Later, a short story was published in the renowned Bengali magazine BARTAMAN. In 1999, a short Bengali novel DHUSAR DIGANTA (Grey Horizon) was published. However, after that she took a break from writing. After 14 years again she is back with writing and this time purely for children. Currently she is compiling a few of her short stories and looking for a good publisher.


Chandra Ghosh Jain from Jaipur, India

Chandra writes because she loves to write. Her mind is set free, on wings of passion and can fly to unknown lands and time. Born in Calcutta and spent  formative years in Delhi.  Graduated in Economics (Honours) from Miranda House, Delhi University.  Post graduation in Economics from Jawahar Lal University New Delhi. For a brief while  taught Economics in Delhi University as a lecturer.

Chitra Srikrishna from Bangalore, India

Chitra is a musician and a writer.