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Debleena Roy from India

She has been working in the Corporate Sector for the last 10 years and have recently taken up her first love - writing.

Drupadi Srivastava from Delhi, India

Drupadi is a retired Professor (Agricultural Economist), Member of several groups and societies at home and abroad, published several research papers, was awarded Fulbright Grant and ICAR Gold Medal.

Deepa Vaishnavi from Bangalore, India

With MBA in Finance and a PG Dip. in PM & IR,  Deepa is an HR professional with over 12 years work experience in IT companies. A soft skill trainer, Deepa enjoys interacting with and training people of diverse profiles across industries. She is also a recipient of  the NTSE Scholarship. Deepa is a citizen journalist who prefers writing about the city's Arts and Culture scene.  She has translated 3  story books for Children from Kannada to English.

Dawood Ibrahim Siddiqui  from Srinagar, J&K

Dawood is an avid reader of novels, short stories,  fiction and non-fiction. He is an aspiring writer and  is working on the craft of writing. 

Debasmita Haldar from Kolkata, India

Debasmita is a second year Law student at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, who is an avid reader and resorts to writing sometimes, to break free from the monotony of the black letters of the law.

Deepa Venkitesh from Kerala, India

Deepa is an online content writer and poet. She has a Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations and is presently managing a farm. 

Debabrata Arjoyita from Durgapur, India

Currently studying in 2nd year. Interests are mainly story writing, creative work analysis and editing, debating and team management. Genres mainly science fiction, flash fiction, romance and thriller is mainly the domain of study, analysis and research. Willing to pursue a career in Literature, preferably as an author or as an editor. 

Dincy Mariyam from Kannur, Kerala, India

Dincy is an M.Sc student. Writing is her passion and she has been writing short stories and travelogues since she was 15. She has published few of her works in school and college magazine.  Her stories are born from her own experiences. Her hobbies include traveling, listening to music and cycling.

Dhana Nandini Rajaruban from Mumbai, India

Dhana Nandini  is a Computer engineer by profession, working at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India. She is a core member of TCS-Bibliophile club. Her microfictions have appeared in "The Fable Online magazine", "". She has also authored technical books which were published by renowned publishers of India as well as by online book publishers like

Deepika Srivastava from Ahmedabad, India

Deepika is  currently a student of Interior Architecture at CEPT University, Ahmedabad.  She has  been an avid reader since an early age and loves writing too. It is her dream to travel the world and learn about as many new cultures as possible.

Deepannita Misra from Faridabad, India

Deepannita is a fun-loving college student with big dreams and stars in her eyes. Currently studying literature, she has been engrossed with it her whole life and cherishes writing and reading in her free time.

Devyani Bisht from Mumbai, India

Devyani is a part-time Spanish Teacher with a passion for writing, painting and reading. She is  a mother of two and being a shippy wife, she has  had the opportunity to travel the world with her husband and kids.. Currently she is pursuing her MA in English, from Mumbai University, and dabbles with writing as and when she finds time 

Durgesh Varma from Varanasi, India

Durgesh is a Social Worker in Uttar Pradesh, India, with a B.Com degree. Currently he is working for the State Government Programme- National Health Mission as a Divisional Programme Assistant- Quality Assurance7 of his compositions are published in "USA in Feelings International: A Book of International Artists Vol.2" , 3 of his compositions in "Canada in Voices of Humanity Vol. 2 and a composition in Australia in The Australia Times Poetry, Vol.4,No.23.

Divya Garg from Ghaziabad, India

Divya is a software Professional by chance and an avid reader and writer by choice. She loves reading fictions and non-fictions. She is an active submitter to the various modes of writing, as she feels writing is the voice of her thoughts.

Delaram Rajabiyekta from Tehran, Iran

Delaram is a student and a regular reader of IWW. Delaram loves reading and writing stories and poems. Also has written some stories in Persian for the school magazine. with the help and encouragement of teacher.   

Dr. Divya Singh from Raigarh, India

Dr. Divya works as Asst.Professor in Chemistry Grade I in Amity University, Gwalior. 

Devika Kumar from Noida, U.P.,India

Devika has been a student of literature. She has worked with the Government of India as an officer of the Indian Postal Service for 31 years and retired as Chief Post Master General, Odisha. Worked a couple of years with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Now she freelances as a writer of children's books: texts for schools and storybooks, sometimes under her name, sometimes ghost-writing. She writes short stories, articles, poetry and bhajans and enjoys books and music. 

Deepali Sagar from Delhi, India

An Ex- Assistant Professor, Deepali is currently working as an Editor in a leading publishing house and is at the same time contributing to various online sites in order to quench her thirst regarding writing. She is an avid reader and writer and got both International and National Publications (Journals as well as Magazines) to her credit. Writing is something she is passionate about.

Dharitri Ramanlal  from Bilimora, India

Dharitri is a Research Student in the area of Environmental Science  and has  a keen interest in writing articles, essays and poems.

Devanapalli Veenavan from Hyderabad, India

Devanapalli writes poetry in Telugu and  translates from English to Telugu and vice versa. She has published an anthology of poems " Nikwana" in Telugu . She has participated in several poetry meets organised by state and recently participated as a delegate in All India Young  Writers meet by National Academy of Letters of India .

Divya Nangia from Delhi, India

Divya is a Dentist by profession, currently pursuing her post graduation. She  loves writing her  passion. She feels that her feelings are better expressed via pen, rather than her tongue.. 

Dellnaz Italia from Mumbai, India

Dellnaz is a a full-time Mom to her twelve year old.She is fortunate to be able to devote to that 'job' her whole and sole. She dabbles in creative writing, she is a voracious reader; she reads whatever she can lay her hands on. It could be a washing machine manual or a Jhumpa Lahiri novel; the written word holds her spellbound. She also looks after the Human Resource in her Architecture Firm too. Apart from that she blogs and writes poems too. 

Deeptangshu Das from Assam, India

Deeptangshu Das is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, Dibrugarh University (Assam). He holds an M.Phil degree in English from the University of Delhi.  He has published poetry in literary magazines like ‘Efiction-India’ and blogs regularly at

Diti Sen from Kolkata, India

Diti Sen is a published author with two books so far, the first being a children"s story, "The Two Friends", published by Orient Blackswan, {2006} now used as a Level 2 reader and still in print. The other is a novel, "Red Skies and Falling Stars", published by Jaico, 2012. She has contributed to many national dailies and magazines and has written on a variety of subjects and done some editingas well. Diti is based out of Kolkata.

Divya Madhale from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

Divya is a Pediatric Physiotherapist by education. She writes life experiences and perspectives of her own which she finds it a route of escapism from the harsh reality that surrounds her. Apart from writing stories, she is passionate about music, travel and food.

Diya Batra from Gurgaon, India

Diya  is a Media student. Experimenting and often making use of personal anecdotes as a medium to express. She likes to take photographs to understand herself and her surroundings better. In addition, she reads, writes & sketches to fill in that void left by those images.

Deepakshi Ghanshani from Dehradun, India

Deepakshi is a student and recently started writing poems. Writing is the only way of letting her emotions out. writing is her passion and she hopes to become a successful poet in future.  

Drishti Chauhan from Faridabad, India

Drishti is a High school student and will be pursuing BA(hons) in English literature this year. (2021). 

Dishari Neogy from Kolkata, India

Dishari is a student of Masters in English Literature and Language from Shri Shikshayatan College, Calcutta University. Now pursuing a postgraduate program course in Content writing at Henry Harvin Education.

Drishti Choudhary from Dehradun, India

Drishti Choudhary is a Political Science graduate and currently a master’s student.

Devika Dileep from Thiruvananthapuram, India

Devi Gopinath from Kerala, India

Divya Palaniappan from Johannesburg, South Africa

Dhanya Narayanan from Kochi, Kerala, India

Deepika from Delhi, India

Daisy Das Baruah from Abhayapuri, Assam,India

Devyani Mukherjee, New Delhi, India

Debangana Mishra, India