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Indrani Talukdar from Dehradun, India

Indrani Talukdar has worked with publications like The Financial Express in New Delhi and The India Empire in Melbourne, Australia. She has a degree in Communications' Studies from RMIT University in Melbourne where she lived and worked for six years. Her short stories have appeared in various publications and have also been aired over the All India Radio (General Overseas' Services). Her short story, The Riot, won first prize at the Greater Dandenong Writers' Festival in Melbourne, 2003. Indrani's novel, 'When the Lamps were Lit' may be read online. The novel has received favorable reviews in the press. She has also won the Star One Finalist spot on Voices Net, a modern literature site. One of her short stories (for children) has been selected by the Rajasthan State Board for inclusion in their textbook.

Indrani currently lives in Anand, Gujarat where she works with the Institute of Rural management Anand (IRMA) as Editor.

Indrani Das Gupta from London, UK

Indrani is taking her first steps in writing. She worked in an IT industry for more than a decade and used to be extremely busy

Recently after quitting her job to join her husband, she moved to UK from India and is adjusting with the lifestyle in UK. . She wants to keep herself occupied and share her experiences with the world, so started penning down her thoughts. Mostly the funny and hilarious one which can help to bring smile in other's life.

Ishita Shukla from Hyderabad, India

Ishita is a 16 year old student who loves to share her unique perspective of people with the world 

Isha Sharma from Chandigarh, India