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Jitendra Mathur from Hyderabad, India

CA by profession, but he is aesthetic, sentimental, empathetic and humanistic. His interests including reading and writing, watching Hindi movies, listening to Indian music (both classical and light) with Ghazals and finally, being nearer to nature.

Joseph Kaval from Bangalore, India

Joseph Kaval is a freelance writer since 1960. He writes both in English and Malayalam his mother-tongue. He writes essays, criticisms, book-reviews, short stories and novels. He has published so far 200 short stories and five novels in Malayalam. He has published 30 stories in English in foreign journals. He has completed two novels in English awaiting publishers. He conducts classes on creative writing for college students. He edits and publishes Katha Kshetre an international literary quarterly in English from Bangalore since 1999. To know more about Kaval Visit: .

Jyothsana Phanija from Kaikalur, AP.

Jyothsana is a Ph.D Research scholar in English at Hyderabad. 

Jharna Banerjee from Kolkatta, India

Jharna is a lady specialized in writing family stories.

John Cherian from Bangalore, India

John is an IT veteran, who has stood through the evolution of the industry during last 22 years and has published a technical book called the IBM Redbook.Sharing own experiences and enabling others to share experience has not only been his passion, but a way of life; be it through writing or through oration. His natural ability to connecting with the audience has not only brought personal accolades, but also enriched many lives. He now writes poems in English and Malayalam. 

Jyothi Priya Angiya from Hyderabad, India

Jyothi  is a PhD Scholar from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad in the department of English Literature.

Jayesh Bakshi from Kanpur, India

Jayesh is an aspiring engineer  coupled with an extravagant personality

Jitendra Bhojwani from Jaipur, India

Jitendra is a freelance writer and also interested in writing short stories. 

Jayashree Vijay from Chennai, India

Jayashree is an aspiring writer, software professional, an aspiring chef, loves to reach people through her cooking and writing.  

Jigyansa Mohanty from Michigan,USA.

Jigyansa is staying with her husband and two kids in USA. She has  done,MBA and was working in the financial sector in India before moving here.Though not from literature background she loves to pen short stories and in one such attempt has written the story "Selfless Love". .

Jaya  Sivaramakrishnan from Pune, India

Jaya is a young girl, an amateur scintilla.

Jagari Mukherjee from Kolkata, India

Jagari is a writer by passion. She has a Gold medal in English Literature from University of Pune and is a former DAAD (German Academic Exchange Programme) scholar. Her poems and articles, both in Bengali and English, have appeared in print and online. Her first book of poems, entitled Blue Rose, is scheduled to be released soon.

Jaysree Das from Guwahati, India

Jisha Rajesh from Kannur, India

Jisha is a writer by passion

Jit Bhattacharya from Kolkata, India

Jit Bhattacharya is a professional Data Scientist with 20 years experience. He also teaches Statistics, part time, to Data Science professionals. Jit currently resides and works in Kolkata, India. He graduated with a Masters degree in Decision Science from Drexel University, Philadelphia. He is also a self-taught musician. Jit plays acoustic guitar and his interest in music includes several genres, including jazz, rock, and classical.

Janki Patel from Vadodara, India

Janki Patel,17, Vadodara Gujarat is a girl who writes poetry as it's her way to escape the reality of the hypocrite world.She has opted "themocktale" as her pen name as she considers her life as a combination of bitter,sweet,sour and pungent reality in hypocrisy.

Janushi Raichura from Ahmedabad, India

Jovan Fernandes from Mumbai, India

Jayasudha Bhaskaran from The Nilgiris, Tamil nadu, India

Jenny Bates from Northamptonshire, U.K

Jutismita Hazarika from New Delhi

Jini Maxin Fernandez  from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Jayasree MR, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India