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Kakuli Nag from Bangalore, India

Kakuli has authored a collection of short stories, Nesting of Thoughts and Outcomes First Agenda Second on a learning framework.She is a consultant for learning solutions, startup plans and a content strategist. She is associated with Ramosara Foundation working for the welfare of Dementia patients and other objectives. 

Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi (Dr) from Mumbai, India

Dr. Ketaki is an Anaesthetist by profession, after doing her MBBS and MD. She also loves  writing.  Her debut novel  ‘Those enchanted four and half years’ was a love story in the back drop of events occurring in a medical college, published by Rainbow Publishers in 2012. Her next novel of suspense genre, 'The missing connection', is ready for publication. Her short stories and poems have been published on many ezines.  She loves reading suspense thrillers, travelling and playing casio. She stays in Mumbai with her  husband and little daughter.

Kiran Jhamb from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Describing herself as a scribbler, Kiran Jhamb writes only about things that disturb her, or fascinate her or amuse her – in short, things that she feels strongly about. For her, writing is an exploration.

Khurshid Khoree from Bangalore, India

By profession, Khurshid is a therapist and is a founder trustee member of a counselling centre Sparsh Foundation in Bangalore, and is actively involved in its various activities. Writing is her passion and has published several stories/poems/articles She has also contributed to two anthologies - Bhelpuri, and Door in the Wall

Khushboo Khilwaani from Gujarat,India 

Khushboo is a postgraduate student in English and has started writing stories and poems very recently.

Kumuda Purushotham from Bangalore, India

Graduated in Science and in Education, Kumuda is a well known writer in Kannada for the past 30 years, and published collections of short stories and humour articles. She has also written and produced radio plays and musical features for Aakashavani at Chennai and Bengaluru. Her other interests include Indian classical music and reading. Her foray into writing in English has been recent.

Krithika Raj from Chennai, India

Krithika is a software engineer working in Chennai. Krithika always loves reading. Recently she has this growing desire in her which drives her pen down her thoughts. So here she is with her work.

Kavya S Babu from Kottayam, Kerala, India

Kavya is  doing her under graduate programme.

Kritika Ajmani from Mumbai, India

Kritika is a lover of language, simplicity and life. She is a writer, educator and an entrepreneur. Outdoors is her favourite spot and music is her  best friend.

Kashmiri Nath from Guwahati, Assam, India

Kashmiri is a mother and a home maker. She is a Home Baker by profession and loves nature. 

Karen Rice from Texas, USA

Karen is a two-time cancer survivor, who has turned  her experience into writing, which she would love to share with others, who maybe about to embark on such a journey. If she can help or inspire even one person, she feels that her job is done.

Karuna Kumar from Malaysia 

Karuna is a retired academic and educational writer. She has authored several English course books and has written content for e-learning programs. She also loves writing short stories for children. She is now looking for opportunities for Freelance writing. 

Kavya S. Babu from Kottayam, Kerala, India

Kavya is an undergraduate student. 

Kavya Gollamudi from Gurgaon, India

Kavya Gollamudi is presently working as a researcher in a not-for-profit organisation. When she's not working, she likes to spend her time reading and binge watching films. She lives in Gurgaon and can be reached on

Krishna Chaitanya from Srikakulam, India

Passionate on writings, Krishna  has resigned  job several months back to work as a  full-time writer. Prior to which Krishna had worked as a Software developer in several reputed organizations for four years. "Life's Fiction" is Krishna's first short story ever written, based on inspired characters around the countryside of India. Previously Krishna has written a Nonfiction story, but now in production of one of the reputed publishers.

Kusum Choppra from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Kusum has authored 3 books - Beyond Diamond Rings, Mastani and Nirbhaya.                   Her blog - 

Krati Jain from Udaipur, India

Krati is not a writer by profession but by passion.

Khushali Lotwala from Hyderabad, India

Khushali  is pursuing degree in Mass Communication. She is interested in arts, sketches, painting and writing. She does  write on different topics related to social issues and others. She also maintains her personal dairy where she writes different recipes and various topics.

Karpaga Priya VJ from Dindigul, India

Karpaga is a 4th Year Engineering Student (Electrical and Electronics). She is also a  passionate writer and an avid reader of philosophies.

Kavya Sharma from New Delhi, India

Kavya is 22 years old, just completed her Masters in  Creative Writing from the University of Nottingham (UK). She is a published poet of the book called “The Carmine Memories: An Insane Woman’s Poetry” (Partridge India, 2015). Her short story “Mr Patted My Back” was published in the December issue of Out of Print Magazine, 2017. Recently she gave an interview with BBC Nottingham Radio on Project Ballads which she was working on as a part of her placement in The National Justice Museum, Nottingham. She has been published in various online platforms. Kavya is also the founder of a poetry group called LeArtista which organises poetry reading events in New Delhi. Kavya has been successfully running a writing blog/Instagram/facebook page called verseofsilence  with close to 5000 followers on her Instagram handle.

Kaushiki Saraswat from Mumbai, India

Kaushiki has been writing since the age of thirteen.  She wants to share her thoughts with more people. Words, for her, have the power to calm storms and wage wars. They have the power to change the world in better way. And she wants to be a part of that revolution of love and self-acceptance. More about her at 

Dr. Kathakali Bandopadhyay from Kolkata, India

Dr Kathakali  Bandopadhyay is  an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Geography, in Subarnarekha College, Jhargram, West Bengal.

Kanjika Ram, Navi Mumbai, India

Kanjika is  an eighteen years old student from Navi Mumbai and has been extremely passionate about writing. Kanjika has previously posted some poems, opinions and other excerpts in newspaper and been a part of the college magazine team.

Krishnasree Dayanidhi from Bangalore, India

Krishnasree is a 4th year Law student  who writes poetry for passion .

Kuhu Joshi from New Delhi, India

Kuhu is a poet and a development economist. She currently works at the International Food Policy Research Institute. Her writing has been published in The Bangalore Review, Cocoa and Jasmine, The Elephant Journal, eFiction India, and Literati magazines. She lives in New Delhi, the city she calls home.

Kiruthik Jayaseelan, India

Kiruthika is an aspiring writer who wants to achieve something in life. Though writing is not her profession she loves to convey her thoughts through writing. 

Karthika G.S from Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Keviv from New Delhi, India

Kashish from India

Komal Mqru, Bikaner, Rajastan, India

Khushboo Yadav, Mumbai, India