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Malavika Roy Singh, Hyderabad, India

Born and brought up in the holy city of Varanasi,Malavika holds an MBA in Finance and is an avid reader and writer. She loves fantasy fiction and children's books.She is published in newspapers,magazines and Chicken Soup. Recently she got shortlisted for the Pomegranate short story competition. After leaving her full time job of Financial analyst, she is a full time blogger and writer now.

Mansi Mishra from Gaziabad, India

Manasi Mishra is a B.Tech student from Ghaziabad. She recently started writing poems,and her friends encouraged her to write more. She is grateful to be a part of this site.

Maria Isabel Cecila Pascual from Manila, Philippines

Maria Isabel contributes Poems, articles and stories to this site.

Mohit Singh from Mumbai, India

Mohit Singh is a cricket enthusiast, keen observer and an articulate thinker. He occasionally takes to the pen when something deeply inspires or innately disturbs him. Besides the game, he loves photography, travelling and watching Discovery channel.

Meenakshi Kumar from New Delhi, India

Meenakshi is a Business Management graduate and worked in corporate sector. She is an active member of All India Women Conference and a member of Lioness Club.  Meenakshi is a published author of  a non-fiction book titled "Everyday Vegetarian Cooking",  which is selling its second edition successfully.  Her website 

Manohar Naidu from Virginia, USA

Manohar Naidu. an alumnus of Science College (now Institute of Science), Nagpur. Retired in 1995 as Senior Aerodrome Officer from Airports Authority of India, Nagpur. Worked at Mumbai,Ahmedabad,Trivandrum,Nagpur and many other aerodromes in various capacities as administrator, examiner,& Air Traffic Control Officer. Novice in writing. He was  introduced to IWW by a family friend.  He has recently started a  blog - depicting personal observations and experiences as freelance writer.

Manjula K from Bangalore, India

Manjula worked as an editor at Deccan Herald for several years before joining the IT industry as a technical editor. She is now a freelance technical communication consultant. She loves writing short stories for children and a few were published in the children's supplement and Sunday Herald (Deccan Herald). 

Manal Pednekar from Mumbai, India

A beginner trying his hand in writing. 

Manasa, A from Bangalore, India

Manasa is a software engineer. She is married and has a 6-year old daughter. She loves reading stories and is now trying her hand in writing stories. 

Maya Bhat from Ujire, Karnataka, India 

Maya is basically from a small town Kanhangad (Kasargod district ) in Kerala and is a B.Com graduate. Presently residing at Ujire, Karnataka. She is very interested in writing stories, essays and poems from early school days, and began writing  in Hindi.  Now she writes  short stories more in English. She wishes we could improve reading habits in children through short stories..

Dr. Maria Fortuna Chaarlas from Gold Coast, Australia

Dr. Maria grew up in Tiruchirappally, Tamil Nadu, India, and presently residing at Gold Coast with her husband. With a strong schooling at St. Joseph's Anglo Indian Girls Higher Secondary School and being a voracious reader herself, she has a strong passion in the literary works of English. She has  written a few poems so far, some of which were published in her college magazine. Studying and working in a Government hospital for 4 1/2 years exposed her to some of the most atrocious, unspoken social evils still in wide practice, and based on this she pens down as many evils as possible in the form of a short story and to strike a deeper and tender cord, she decided to narrate it through an innocent child.

Mithuna S. Nath from Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Mithuna is pursuing her post graduate studies in English Literature.

Meenakshi Varier from Chennai, India

Meenakshi is a  daughter by birth, a doctor by profession,a wife by choice and mother by heart and soul.

Mahua Das Chatterji from Kolkata, India

Mahua is a lawyer by profession, but also has a deep love for writing fiction. She is an English Honours Graduate with a Masters in Business Administration. Her short stories and poems have been published in the Times of India, Woman's Era and various other publications. She won a Flash Fiction contest  with her story 'Train to Freedom', which was published in the Times of India. Her article 'Capital Punishment- Time to Abandon It', appeared in 'Hinduism Today', a US-based magazine. She is seeking to publish her short story collection. Till then, she savors the magical world of words.

Medha Chowdhury from Kolkata, India

Medha is a software engineer by day who moonlights as a Storyteller-Poetess. A true blue Calcuttan, she is often found being easily distracted by fairylights and soft music, crying over rom-coms and sending out quiet words into the infinite universe.   

Adv. Minal Sharma from Mumbai, India

Minal is Advocate by Profession...Professor by Passion... 

Madirekshana Chakraborty from Noida, India

Madirekshana to be 18 year old with no intentions of underage drinking. Yet. he likes to think he adds finesse to the mundane, that he cooks up food for thought without any of the extra calories. 

Muzammil Dar from Kashmir, India

Muzammil is a Lecturer in Higher Education, Kashmir.

Meera Datta from Bangalore, India

Mitalee Dabral from Bangalore, India

Mitalee was born in 1977, Dehradun –Uttrakhand and is a mountain soul. With her initial years spent in Mussoorie in the lap of the Himalayas, she later migrated to sultry northern plains and acquired a degree in English Literature and a post-graduation in Human Resource Management from Tata Institute of Social Sciences –Mumbai. Somewhere amidst unraveling the corporate conundrum for more than a decade, one fine day while looking out of the window, she found her poetic musings inspired by love, life and relationships itching to come to life.  Mitalee lives in Bangalore with her husband,  son and a handsome beagle Caesar. 

Mrudula Shinde from Hyderabad, India

Mridula is an Engineer  by education and works in a multinational company. She  loves to read and write. Writing is her passion.

Mansi Bhandari from Delhi, India

Mansi is 20 yr old girl pursuing English literature from Delhi university, She loves reading, sometimes writing, dancing and interestingly nail art.  She is  a person who can find happiness in minuscule things and appreciate life as much as possible. Frankly she is a person who has her own fantasy world but she is  very much rational simultaneously. 

Mehak Reejonia from New Delhi, India

Mehak did Masters and Hons from reputed colleges like JNU and LSR. Dabbling at wrting political essays..

Manoj Nair from Bangalore, India

Works in the senior management of a large Indian multinational,. Manoj's poems have been accepted by the Sahitya Akademi ( Indian Literature ) and published in Muse India & New Ulster. His haiku have been published in the Frogpond and The Heron's Nest. Manoj is a member of the Haiku Society of America. 

Meenakshi from Delhi, India

Meenakshi is a primary teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and recently started writing poems in different areas in Hindi as well as in English. 

Meghna Kharat from Lonand, Maharashtra

Meghna Kharat is a post-graduate in Political Science 

Mrinmoyee Goswami frfom Guwahati, Assam, India

Mrinmoyee enjoys reading, taking walks by the river and lurking in coffee shops. She has ventured into creative writing.

Mihir Bhatt from Delhi, India

Mihir is an aspiring writer, designer and a civil service aspirant who believes in attaining satisfaction in achieving every trivial mile stone.

Dr Mamta Mishra from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr Mamta Mishra is a doctorate in English Literature. She has imparted literary and creative education in English as a guest lecturer at various Indian universities and colleges.  

Maria Sunisha Sunil from Chandler, USA

Monali Kakoty from Delhi, India

Meera Kalathingal from Malappuram, India

Mukul Arora from New Delhi, India

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder from Kolkata, India

Maithreyi Chowdhury from Guwahati,Assam,India

Manish Agarwal from Kolkata, India

Muniza Tariq from New Delhi, India

Madhuri Prakash from Baharain 

Mansi Shrivastava from India

Manpreet Kaur, Navi Mumbai, India

Mansi Bharadwaj, Agra, UP, India