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Naina Nair from Dubai

Writing is her passion. Words are like magic. Writes articles, short stories and poems. Lives in Dubai. Naina's blog

Nithya Mariam John from Kerala, India

Nithya  is working as  Assistant Professor in the  Department of English, B.C.M College, Kottayam Kerala. She loves writing poems, and recently a collection titled Bleats and Roars was published.

Nuggehalli Pankaja from Bangalore, India

Recipient of several prestigious awards, including ‘Excellence in World Poetry Award’ by the International Poetry Academy. Pankaja has been honoured by various literary organizations. She writes both in English and Kannada and has many Kannada novels, children’s books, collection of humourous works, short stories and dramas to her credit. Her contributions in well known publications like Deccan Herald, Mirror, Times etc have been widely appreciated. Two popular Kannada movies (Sepoy Ramu and Gagana) were based on her novels, and two more on the way.

Her introduction is included in ‘Women of India’, ‘Reference Asia’ and ‘Who is Who’ of Central Academy.

Nirupama Akalla from Georgia, USA

Currently residing in Georgia, USA, Nirupama Akella was born in New Delhi, India, and did her schooling and college from New Delhi and Mumbai. She has been writing short stories, poems and essays from childhood, and has won the critically acclaimed Shankar's International Competition three times. She has also published nationally and internationally, and was one of the founding members of the Childrens' Book Club, Childrens' Book Trust, India. Her first novel, titled "Summer Break" was published in 2010. 

Nirupama Sudarsh from Pune, India

Nirupama.Sudarsh,  a second year student at Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune and  a native of Thrissur, Kerala,  did her schooling in Kerala and at Ootty. She mostly enjoys reading works of  Indian English authors of which Rohinton Mistry is decidedly the most favourite. A novice in the area of professional writing. 

Naseema Musthafa from Shoranur, Kerala, India

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Naseema is presently settled in Shoranur with her husband and children.  She has written a novel and a couple of short stories

Dr. Nandini Sahoo from New Delhi, India

A Ph.D holder in literature, Nandini is a poet and a creative writer of international repute, has been widely published in India, U.S.A, U.K and Pakistan. Presently, she is an Associate Professor of English in Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU], New Delhi. She has delivered lectures on various subjects in India and abroad. She is also a double Gold Medalist in English literature and also the award winner of All India Poetry Contest and Shiksha Rattan Award for outstanding contribution to higher education in India. She has authored 4 collection of poems  and the 4th one is Sukamaa and Other Poems. Her blog

B.R.Nagpal from Delhi, India

Retired Associate Professor of English, Ramanujan College, Delhi University. He has published two volumes of poems and three critical books on Modern British Fiction.

Neeharika Pathuri from Bangalore, India

Neeharika is a 19 year old girl, very much inspired to be a writer,but she has her perks to work on,the stories which she chooses are regular ones, but she makes it a point to narrate it in a different way.

Nirmal Kishor Prasad from Samastipur, Bihar, India

Nirmal is Principal Systems Analyst (Scientist-D) in National Informatics Centre (NIC), New Delhi, which is an attached premier IT organization of Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India. Born and brought up in Orissa, he has obtained M.Sc, PGDCA, MBA, CSQP, and Advanced Course on DBMS Technology and received many prestigious Medals and Trophies of excellence. Because of his passion in literary, he has translated and published many representative Hindi short stories into Oriya, composed Poems in Hindi and English, written short stories in English, Hindi & Oriya and also shown proficiency in writing technical papers (in English) on Information Technology and published.

Namitha Varma from Bengaluru, India

Namitha  is a media professional, a voracious reader, a music enthusiast and an opinionated social observer. She has publishing credits in over 20 literary journals including Sahitya Akademi’s journal Indian Literature (May/June 2014), eFiction India, Hackwriters, The Voices Project, Spark The Magazine, Writers Asylum, FIVE Poetry, Manushi, A Story in 100 Words and Microfiction Monday Magazine. Her micropoem has been read out on NPR Radio as part of the National Poetry Month 2014, and a poem of hers features in the Authorspress anthology ‘Resonating Strings’, and her flash fiction has appeared in the Great Flash Fiction anthology ‘Just a Moment’. She blogs on and tweets via @namithavr.

Nabankur Paul from Kolkata, India

Nabankur  is a marketing professional, who has spent most of his life traveling various parts of India. A typical Bengali nurtured on the diet of creations from Tagore to Bibhutibhuson & one who always aspired to be a writer. "Pakora Man" is his first honest endeavor in that direction.

Natalia Suri from New Delhi

Natalia has lived most of her life in New Delhi. She teaches Spanish at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Her passion to travel has taken her to numerous countries. Her globe-trotting experiences have been great moments of education apart from the fact that it also contributed to becoming the most important lessons of life. She loves to play the piano. She also loves dogs whom she sees as angels as they are always there for you. Her favorite authors are Khaled Hosseini and Jeffery Archer. She sees the talent of writing as a gift. Every life, she says, is a story. It just depends on how it is narrated. Though she agrees that life cannot be mapped, she looks forward to her journey as a writer.

Neelam Dadhwal  from Chandigarh, India

Neelam is a bilingual poet from Chandigarh, India. After culminating her career as a web developer and administrator, she took writing as a full-time pursuit. She has penned since 2013 three poetry books and one short story book. Her poems has been published in Danse Macabre, Indian Poetry Review, Literary Yard, The Unknown Pen and anthologies on women international, peace and humanity.

Neha Tambe from Pune, India

Neha is  a homemaker and a mother of two. She day dreams and loves to weave stories.Writing short stories is something that she started recently.

Dr. Nakshathra Jagannathan from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Nakshathra is currently pursuing her MDS. Writing has always been a passion for her. 

Nikitha Hingad from Bangalore, India 

Nikitha is a young graduate in commerce and is currently pursuing her academic interests. She writes poetry in her free time and her other interests include art, dance, music and reading. As a child, she was exposed to books of varied genres such as philosophy, fiction, comic, self-help etc. Writing a book was always her dream. She recently published her collection of poems called ‘Philia and Sophia’ which is available on all online stores. She has also contributed in anthologies such as Gust of Wits, Velvets, A Divine madness:An anthology of modern love poetry Volume 2, Deep tales and Silver Lining:Poets against Violence.You can join her on Good reads

Nida Sheriff from Bangalore, India 

Nida Sheriff is a writer/producer third culture kid (Bangalore-born, Dubai-raised) currently based in Bangalore, India. Nida has a Film Studies BA from Queen Mary, University of London, and has worked as a producer, as well as having volunteered for feminist organisation Chayn. As manager of Chayn India, she co-founded Snap Counsellors, a micro-counselling service for domestic violence on popular app Snapchat. In addition to writing and filmmaking, she wants to do a little bit of everything, an aspirational Renaissance woman.

Neha Hooda from Rohtak, India

Neha is a working woman and she loves to write stories in her free time. Currently, she is working in a research project of Child Health in rural areas of Rewari District, Haryana.

Nuzhat Khan from Lucknow, India 

A proud Army wife, an N.I.F.T graduate, a fashion enthusiast an avid reader and an ardent music lover. She loves to travel, mostly on road-trips. Meeting new people and understanding their customs and cultures gives her ultimate thrill. She wishes her stories to be an amazing place for the readers to enjoy various flavors of life. She is currently staying in Lucknow with her family.

Navneet Anand from Bettiah, India

Navneet is an engineering student currently pursuing civil engineering degree in Chennai. He is an avid reader and likes to ride along the writers in their stories. He also likes to write poems and short stories.

Nishtha Dhand from Gurgaon, India

Writing is Nishtha's  passion! She has 12years of experience teaching English to Primary classes in DPS Gurgaon/ DPS Dubai.

Neha Singhal from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Neha is  an M.Com, B.Ed and an MBA (HR). She has worked with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for more than 8 years as Section Officer. She recently resigned from her job  to pursue her role of mother with full devotion. She is also keen to nurture her flair of writing. 

Nirbhaypal Singh from Ontario, Canada

Nirbhaypal  was born and raised in a small village in Punjab, India. Later he moved to Canada for further studies. Presently he is the CEO of a social startup and a public speaker and TEDx Speaker_Kitchener.

Nishu Bagdwal from New Delhi, India

Nishu is  an aspiring writer currently living in New Delhi. She loves reading various genres but fiction is her first love. She is working as a freelance content writer for UC browser but she feels there is a huge difference between what you love and what you want to serve people, hence writing what she feels and what she wants to share is the most important thing for her.

Nikita Munshi from Mumbai, India

Nikita has  worked in management and strategy consulting for 5 years. She currently works in Marketing at an Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm.  She has  always been passionate about reading and writing. In fact, her love for reading led me to found a Book Club too. She has done Masters in Commerce (Management) and has studied Business Management in her undergraduate studies. She has also done a Leadership Exchange program at New York University's, Stern School of Business.

Neha Kakde from  India

Neha is a beginner in writing stories and poem. Currently, she is  a student and tries  her hands on writing

Nazia Kamali from Dehradun, India

Nazia is a research scholar who dabbles in the field of Gender and Literature. She has been a column writer for a local journal Uttarakhand Harbinger. Her poem has also been published in an anthology of poems by Cape Comorin Press.She has also written a number of research articles on topics that interest her.

Nupur from Saharanpur, India

Nupur is a literature student in Delhi University. She writes about life, love and dilemmas of thoughts and emotions. She gives new dimensions to the already known facts in her writing. Blending her life with poetry keeps her going. 

Nivedita, N from Hyderabad, India

Nivedita N, known as Nivie, is a poet from Hyderabad. She has been published in a few noted journals. Apart from poetry she enjoys cycling, cold coffee, and galivanting around the gullies of Hyderabad in an Auto Rickshaw, her dream vehicle. She hopes to work as a postwoman someday

Navin Banthia from Coimbatore, India

Navin has authored three books, all the books are about ancient times. He has written nearly 126 articles and as much as some blogs . His website - 

Navratra from Jaipur, India 

Navratra is a young poetess(writer), public speaker and artist from Jaipur, India. Her poems have been published in various national and international journals like Sahitya Kunj, Indian Periodical, Ode to a poetess, Spillwords, Setu Magazine, The Criterion, Mad in America, Beautiful Mind Journal, InkPantry, Madras Courier and elsewhere. Apart from this, she is very interested in the thrilling trips of the world and likes to write spontaneously on various subjects according to her observation.

Nikita Raikwar from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Neelam Tyagi from Bhopal, India

Nikita Nayak from Mumbai, India

Navitha Reddy, from Bangalore, India

 Nibedit Nahak from Berhampur, Orissa, India

Nandita Anandraj from Long Island, New York, USA

Naveeda from Mumbai, India

Nitheena Jackson, Kottayam, Kerala, India

Nisha Chathoth, Mumbai, Maharastra, India

Nageshwar Chandavath, Hyderabad, Telangana, India