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Padmaja Menon from Bangalore, India

Padmaja is a happy wife, satisfied Mom, thrilled grandmom, loves reading and writing. Many of her articles and stories have appeared in Woman's Era, Children's world, and Alive. Her novel  "Que Sera Sera" is now available online. 


Pallavi from Pune, India

By profession Pallavi is an Architect from Pune. She is working as a freelancer in her field from last 4 years. Besides, she has a passion for sketching, painting and writing. If time permits she also teaches slum kids as a part of her volunteering activity with an NGO. She is always in look out for new and interesting recipes and try it at home. Recently she has started writing stories also.


Parul Tyagi from New Delhi, India

Parul Tyagi is an MBA, with nine years of experience as a Communication management professional. An active blogger (, she pursues her passion for writing in every form possible. Her first Novella is due for publication in the month of April . A mother of two, her life revolves around her two sons who are also her inspiration to live life to its utmost potential.

Prema Sastri from Bangalore, India

Began writing at the age of seven, Prema is a known writer of Short Stories, Novels, Plays, and
Articles, with published books to her credit. She is listed in the Sahitya Academy`s "Who`s Who of writers", and has travelled widely. She resides in Bangalore.

Purnima Awasthi from Mumbai, India

Purnima writes articles and poem for this site. Words always fascinate her, the written ones more so! She has 3 passions - Writing, reading & the love for life. With almost two decades career in the field of Education, mostly in Administration, Purnima has recently completed her PG in HR Management. Presently working with a project in Education dealing with social issues.

Preetham Kopparam from Gauribidanur, Karnataka, India

Preetham is a Life Science graduate with a Masters in Biotechnology, worked with IISc and some private companies. She is also passionate about analysing her own thoughts, insights and artistic creations, through writing and fine arts. The best part according to her is that at the end of your endeavour even if it turns out to be a piece of junk, you would have definitely known little more of yourselves.

Pushpa Raghuram from Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Pushpa has a BSc degree, Library Science, and a Master's degree in German. She also has 18 years of experience in teaching German, writing articles on Management, and is interested in literary activities. 

Parimala Rao from Boston, USA

Teacher by profession, Parimala is enjoying her retirement life now. She  has written several books in Kannada and few in English. She is the first woman to bring   Haiku in to  main stream of Kannada literature. She is also the recipient of Spring Award from London for Haiku in English. 

Priya Jayan from Chennai

Priya  just finished her Bachelor's degree in Engineering. She has passion towards poems and would love to share them with others.

Priyaa Trippayar Sahasranaman from Bangalore

Priyaa is an engineer who juggles between writing and coding. Her stories have been published in various journals and magazines in the last few months. Her articles and stories draw their essence from her experiences in life and social issues.

Dr.Pooja Jadhav from Mumbai, India

Pooja is an Anaesthetist by profession, and she loves to write poems.  She also writes stories and make sketches. She is basically creative by heart. It gives her freedom of expression, where every day is new, every second is exciting, and sometimes she wonders she has landed in the wrong profession!!    

Prajakta Pandit from Pune, India. 

Prajakta is an engineering student. Her hobbies are reading and creative writing. She enjoys writing stories and poems for magazines. 

Pallavi Ghosh from New Delhi, India

As a young amateur writer, she is fascinated with the multiple and alternate narratives of lived experiences and how these translate into words. It is this connection between the words the worlds that she tries to paint and dramatise through poems, short stories and articles. She hopes some day her quest for the dramatic in the narratives of life will culminate in a novel. 

Prajitha Nambiar from Bangalore, India

Prajitha  is a short story writer and a novelist. She is working as software engineer in Bangalore city. She writes both in English and Malayalam.


Praveen Dev from Bangalore, India

Praveen works as commercial artist (computer graphics) in Bangalore. However, his passion is literature, with focus on story writing. This is his fifth literary production


Preethi Burnett  from Leeds, UK

Preethi loves to write poems when they come to her. 

Pratyusha Nagavarapu from Manipal, India

Pratyusha started off writing as a fanfiction enthusiast, moving on to short stories and eventually winning the first edition of Femina Fast Fiction. After doing so she gave up a career in IT and moved on to humanities, currently pursuing her Masters in Literature in Manipal.

Pragati Bakshi from Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Pragati is an academician by profession. Born in traditional family hailing from central Bihar, she has her own shares of ups and terrible downs in life. She was blessed with a beautiful childhood. Her father was in central government job that required frequent transfer. Though frequent dismantlinand setting up of household in different regions, created a kind of instability in her early school days. However it was this insecurity of frequent uprooting of one’s abode which germinated the seed of creativity in her. She lives in Ranchi ( Jharkhand ) with her mother and husband, where she teaches Economics in a semi urban college.

Prathyusha Mettupalle from Hyderabad, India

Prathysha is presently doing her masters in the USA. She has always been a book worm and loved reading books.

Pravia K. Nagaraj from Bangalore, India 

Pravia is a senior QA tester in an IT firm with 5 1/2 years of experience in her field. She has great passion to read books and love to write short stories. 

Pragya Agarwal from Allahabad, India

Pragya is a student just given her board exams. She loves to write more than just reading. She wants to wrap every emotion in her words.

Preethi Warrier from Mumbai, India

Preethi Warrier has completed her Masters in Electronics Engineering and is working as Assistant Professor in an engineering college in Mumbai. Apart from the technical stuff, she likes weaving stories out of some heart touching incidents she comes across. She also writes film reviews and travelogues. She is also one among the winners of the TOI Write India Campaign Season-1, for the famous author Anita Nair.  Her work can be found in the anthologies ‘Born Too soon’ by Write India Publishers, ‘Singing Words’by Omji Publishers, ‘She –The Warrior’ by Damick Publishers and  ‘Unknown Destinations’ by Rainbow Publishers. She is one of the winners of ISOBST-17 by Swadhya Publications.  Preethi resides in Mumbai with her husband and son.  

Prachi Rathore from Bhopal, India

Prachi is a 20 year old Engineering student, loves reading and writing. One of her poems has been published in international journal Taj Mahal Review in Dec 2015.

Puspita Panda from Bargarh, India

Puspita is working as the Vice Principal and Head of English Dept in an Undergraduate  corporate college for last 14 years, after the completion of her PG in English from the reputed G.M.University, Sambalpur, Odisha having  specialization of Linguistics .  She started her professional journey in 2003  with Vikash Group of Institutions of Odisha  as a Lecturer in English, and has worked as the Editor and Chief editor in many issues of college magazines like Instinct and Talent. Under her leadership, many women empowerment programmes like Self Defense training for girls , Active Citizenship Programme for social awareness , International Women’s Day have been organized. She is presently pursuing her Ph.D. work. She has submitted a research paper to an online international journal on Festival Tourism, has been a  Judge in various competitions , Resource person for seminars etc.  She is also a professionally trained Sambalpuri folk dancer and received many awards from different cultural organizations.

Priya Tallanje from Virginia, USA

Priya is a software engineer by profession currently on a sabbatical from work. If anyone had paid her for reading fiction, she would have been a millionaire by now. Unfortunately, such a miracle never happened and now she has settled down to enjoying chocolate desserts and trying to write short stories.

Parvathy from Bangalore, India

Parvathy is a Software Professional who is currently on a sabbatical  to take care of her little one who just turned two. She was always interested in reading and writing and has published few articles during college days. Just happened to come across induswomanwriting and found it interesting. Hence thought of giving it a try.

Pryinka Chauhan from Ambala, India

Priyanka works as Technology Lead In Infosys. She loves to read stories...and this had made her write a short story.

Puja Karki from Pune, India

Puja is a happy go lucky girl who believes in Fairy tales.

Pragati Bakshi from Ranchi, India

Pragati works in the capacity of Assistant Professor at Ranchi. Though she doesn't teach Literature she is  passionately drawn towards classical literary works either in Hindi or English. Through writing she tries to vent her emotions and sooth herself.

Poojary Sushmita Shiva from Udupi, Karnataka, India

Poojary Sushmita is a student pursuing M.Com. 

Prachi Sinha from Noida, UP, India

Prachi completed her degree in Electronics and Communication this year. For her, writing is an art and a form of expression.

Priyadarshini Jagadeesan from Coimbatore, India

Priyadarshini is a BE-ECE graduate from Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore. She is currently working in a private concern.

 Pavan Kumar from Hyderabad, India

Pavan Kumar is a content writer and out of passion he writes short stories sometimes.

Pooja Agarwal from Kanpur, India

Pooja Agarwal is a freelance writer and editor. She has submitted her doctoral dissertation under the aegis of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Pooja has contributed articles to the Kanpur edition of Times of India. She is an author of short stories and poetry, some of which have been published in Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi), Indiaree, and Muse India. Pooja completed her M. Phil program from the CSJM University, Kanpur. 

Preeth Ganapathy from Bangalore, India

Preeth Ganapathy is a gold medallist software engineer turned civil servant. She is an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer who hails from Coorg and is currently posted in Bangalore. Writing has been her passion since childhood. 

Priyanka from West Bengal, India

A puzzling journey from coherence to incoherence.

Prerona Boruah from Shanghai, China

Prerona Boruah is from Assam, India, currently working in Shanghai, China. She loves writing during her free time.

Puja Chakraborty from Guwahati, India

Puja Chakraborty  is an independent filmmaker and writer from Assam, India. She likes to work with existential questions and situations that are beyond one’s control. She was one of the finalists in Junior Author's Short Story Contest (2012) held in Vancouver , Canada. Her short stories and non-fiction work have featured in various magazines. Her debut short film, Daybreak, has been selected at various national and international short film festivals.

Priyanka Maurya from Mumbai, India

Priyanka Maurya is 28 years old. By educational training, she's a Counselling Psychologist, by profession an English Teacher but considers herself an insatiable writer at heart. She teaches in the afternoons and spends her mornings, writing short stories on her blog, ‘It's a short life’ under her pen name Coffee_pen_and_paper. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook page where she regularly showcases her writings. 

Prarthana Gogoi from Assam, India

Prarthana Gogoi is a post graduate teacher working at Kakopather HS School, Assam. She has to her credit a lot of articles on socio cultural themes. She writes short fiction too.

Priyanka Narayan from Singapore.

Priyanka is a 35-year-old Sales and Account Management professional working in Singapore for an IT Service provider.  She has been  writing essays and articles on Social Media, individually. In her professional experience, she has come across multiple experiences, which she uses as a foundation in her writing about current affairs and trends invoking introspection. She is also certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Prahelika Sen from Kolkata, India

Prahelika is  a student of second year studying B.Com(Hons) in a college affiliated under Calcutta University. Her passion is in writing poetries and travelogues. She usually writes from her own experiences and observations.

Pretty Maggam from Pleasanton, USA

Pretty Maggam was born and brought up in Kakinada, AP, India  She holds Masters in Computer Science and Diploma in Creative Writing. During her work as a Systems Engineer, she also served as a part-time Magazine Editor for TCS, Hyderabad, Later, she worked as Content Developer for She is currently working as an HR Manager and  Content Developer in California. 

Padmaja Sriram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Padmaja is a fiction writer from Chennai and has been previously published in Annapurna magazine, print and online, Funny Pearls UK, CLRI (Contemporary Literary Review of India), The UNIverse Journal, and Bright Hub for non-fiction. My story on Jallikattu protest in Chennai was published with Funny Pearls UK:

Pranil Yodha from Delhi, India

Pranil is a Law graduate and an aspiring writer

Puja Goswami from Bangalore, India

Piya Jayarajan from Mumbai, India

Preetha from Kochi, India

Paulami Dutta from Kolkata, India

Priyadarshini from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Priyanka Roy Banerjee from Hyderabad, India

Parneet Jaggi from Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

Preethi Peter

Patrick from India

Pritika Datta from Delhi, India

Pratibha Verma from Shimla, India

Paromita Goswami from Chandrapur, Maharastra, India