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Ten Surf from Bangalore, India

Ten Surf is an engineer by profession. He wanted to be a writer since his teenage days. He feels that IWW will be a great platform to him. 

Tanuja Chatterjee from Kolkata, India

Tanuja contributes short stories, poems and serial novel to this site.

Tithi Mukherjee from New Delhi, India

Post graduate in English Literature, Tithi has been in love with stories ever since her school librarian found her with a copy of Wuthering Heights in the 6th grade. Now 23, she has  a small repertoire of works of her own and aspire to become a novelist. Has a voracious appetite for books and food alike. 

Tapan Ghosh from Mumbai, India

Tapan is an Engineer, entrepreneur, and technocrat. Also a Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one.

Thasneem A.A from Mangalore, India

Thasneem is a spontaneous writer who believes writing can definitely bring a change.

Twinkle George from Chennai, India

Twinkle is  an emerging poet with few published pieces, under the pen name J.George. Some of her poems have appeared or is forthcoming in the journals of “VerbalArt”, "Indian Ruminations", "Indian Periodical", while others are still under consideration. Recently she has contributed towards an upcoming anthology, "Love, As We Know It", published by Poem Pajama and Delhi Poetry Slam. She originally hails from the high ranges of Idukki, Kerala and currently reside in the coastal plains of Chennai, Tamil nadu.

Tasneem Raza from UP

Tasneem Raza  is B.A, English Literature, M.U, Aligarh, UP

Tapaswini Harichandan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India