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Uma  Rani S from Bangalore, India

Uma Rani is a  part time trainer at VIDYA, a non profit organization, She  is a lover of all things beautiful, or rather, sees beauty in life and the world. Having been born to a rationalist father and a religious mother, she had exposure to conflicting ideologies which left a mark on her and the way she perceives the world. She loves her job, training less privileged youth and adults. She also enjoys reading, making cosmetic jewellery, gardening, and can lose herself completely in a good song! 

Ujani Banerjee from Kolkata, India

Ujani is an aspiring poet and a Bengali girl, who loves literature. 

Uddipta Dutta from Jorhat, Assam, India

Uddipta Dutta's pen name is "Uddipta Kashyaap". Uddipta, a post graduate diploma in film direction from LV Prasad Film Academy, Chennai, is a freelance Assistant Director in the film industry. Uddipta writes short stories in free time both as passion and also to enhance creative thinking.

Usha Ravikumar from India

Usha is a transcriptionist, artisan, a writer, a menophile and a proud mum.  She has led an impressive career as an Editor working in the Medical Transcription industry with more than 15 years of medical transcription experience.

Uma Harish from Portland, Oregon, USA

Usha Madhuranathan from Bangalore