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Vaman Acharya from Bangalore, India

Vaman Acharya is a retired bank manager engaged in reading, writing and interacting with others. He has maintained a mini home library containing more than five thousand books. He has authored two short story books and one novel in Kannada titled "Tarangini Teeradalli". His latest book ( moral stories for children) is ready for release.

Varsha Purohit from California, USA

Varsha has been writing since she was around 12years. She used to make short comic stories and draw pictures for these stories. By profession, she is a software engineer but her hobby is reading and writing. She also aspires to be a known writer or columnist for a leading newspaper someday. She has two blogs -"my diary my thoughts" and the other blog "my diary of world cities" .

Vimala Ramu from Bangalore, India

A trained Science and Maths teacher, now retired, Vimala started writing only in her late sixties. She has written many articles (Middles) for local newspaper and online magazine. She has 3 published books to her credit - Rainsong, Wind Chimes and Dew Drops and now "Colors". They can be ordered on line at and Colors can be ordered at . She also writes at Her books are being made into CDs by Mitrajyothi for their 'Talking books' project.Her blogs appear in print media on Sunday Herald and Reading Hour.

Vinita Radhakrishna, Mumbai, India

Vinita Radhakrishna is a poetess, an occasional blogger, an aspiring novelist and a full-time writer. She manages two writing companies in India and abroad - Soulpen ( and Invitation Writers (  

Vijayalakshmi Anandan, Bangalore, India

Vijayalakshmi, 21 years, is a B.Com graduate. She began writing articles for a news blog, and recently started trying out her hand in short story writing. She wants to take her writing to better levels. She loves travelling and learning guitar. A coffee aficionado. Presently she is preparing for her MBA. 

Vijay Medtia from Manchester, U.K.

Vijay is a short story writer and a novelist. His debut novel The House of Subadar was published by Arcadia Books, London. It was short-listed for the Glenn Dimplex Literary prize for new writers in Dublin. He has had several short stories published in different anthologies and magazines. 
He is a British Indian writer based in Manchester and is presently working on a new novel and a collection of short stories. He likes John Steinbeck’s quote, ‘The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business’. More information is available at his blog -

Venkatakrishnan from Mumbai, India.

Venkatakrishnan is a native of Chennai, currently working in  Accra, Ghana. The solitude of staying away from his family has prompted him to write some stories to while off boredom.

Vyomi Malik from New Delhi, India

Vyomi is an instant poet and storyteller who loves playing with words all day long. Writing of every kind is her daily spiritual routine as it helps her connect with her inner self and nature. Her blog on poetry"" was featured as one of the top 16 poetry blogs in India by

Vidhya Devanathan from Bangalore, India

Vidhya is  a Teacher handling English subject in a CBSE school. She is an ardent writer. 

Varalika Dowlat from Bangalore, India

Varalika is a sixth grade student. 

Vinny Gandham from Bangalore, India

Vinny works as marketing manager... with loads of travel. Vinny writes stories based on own travel experiences.

Vidhu Nair from Mumbai, India

Vidhu is a computer engineer & IT professional. Vidhu has started penning down thoughts / phrases that come across, looking into the real life perspective around those & creating stories out of those.

Dr. Vinita Murgod from Parbhani, India

Vinita is  an oral pathologist by profession.  She recently found that she has a passion for writing. This is her first work.

Vinod Kumar from Bangalore, India 

Vinod works for customer service.  

Vartika Sharma Lekhak from New Delhi, India

Vartika is a Post-graduate in History from JNU. ‘Seasonally’ employed, depending upon the nature of posting of her husband who is in Army. she has worked with Editorial team of a reputed publishing house, also as an academician. Some of her articles have been published in National dailies and well-received by the readers. She is passionate about biking, trekking, travelling. As a writer she feels traveling is the most democratic activity as it makes one sensitive and tolerant towards different cultures and ways of living.

Vasudha Joshi from Pune, India

Vasudha teaches in a college and will soon retire. She has tried her hand at writing textbooks, academic books and also literary writing, the latter mostly in Marathi, her mother tongue. She has an anthology of short stories translated from English into Marathi to her credit. She has also helped edit and put together a Marathi bimonthly devoted to women's empowerment for 15 years.

Vijeeta Sharma from Guwahati, India

Vijeeta is  a mechanical engineering graduate and a  self proclaimed feminist.

Vijeta Kumar from Bangalore, India

Vijeta is an English teacher in Bangalore. She likes stories and has just started to write short-stories.

Viveka Sah from Mumbai, India

 Viveka Sah is  17-year-old from Mumbai. She is recovering from anxiety, and a lot of her poetry voices those feelings. She  hopes to have a book published in her name someday.

Vaishavi Jituri from Hubballi, India

Vaishavi  is a 14 year old from Karnataka and her goal in life is to become an author. 

Vandana Verma from New Delhi, India

Vandana is a civil engineer and currently serves as a marketing professional in an Oil and Gas public sector organization in New Delhi. She loves to travel and explore new places, their culture, food and what has led to shape that place. She is an avid reader.  She loves to tell stories and write them too and draws inspiration from her own experiences as well as her day to day life.

Vivek Nath Mishra from Varanasi, India

Vivek Nath is a city flaneur walking through stories. His short stories have been published by The Hindu, Muse India, Queen mob's Teahouse, Prachya Review, literary yard, Indian ruminations and many other magazines.

Vaishnavai Rao from Virginia, USA

Vikas Sharma 'Daksh'  from Ambala Cantt, India

Vidhushi Malhotra from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Vasantha Valli, India