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Yaswant Nihar, Bangalore, India 

Yaswant is an Engineering dropout, and currently pursuing degree through correspondence.  He is working for a media company.  His interest in writing was initiated in 2011 and he has finished writing a love story, which is waiting to be published. He has also written some short stories. 

Yash Nandkumar Shinde from Mumbai, India

Yash is a student studying  for Automobile Engineering Diploma 2nd year in Panvel in Raigad Dist, Maharashtra, India.

Yunus Mohamed from Durban, South Africa

Yunus, father of two children,  is employed in Ocean Fright industry and started writing two years ago.  He enjoys reading especially Asian writers like Thrirty Umrigar, Manishi Jolie Amin, and Khaled Hosseini because, in a simple way, these writers  open  for us the doors to our imagination. His passion is to see a world where all human beings live in peace and harmony with each other where women are  always treated with the utmost  respect and affection.

Yashi Srivastava from Lucknow, India

Yashi is a B.Tech student and will be completing her exam this year.  She loves writing small stuff,  sometimes fictional and sometimes her experiences also.

Yoshita Misra from Ajmer, Rajastan, India

Yoshita is a Poet and loves various literary pieces and enjoys narrating fiction too.