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Back to School

by Rashmi Kaushik
(New Delhi, India)

(Image courtesy:Pexels)

Summer break can be both a delightful and challenging time for mothers as they juggle the responsibilities of caring for their children while maintaining a semblance of normalcy in their own lives. As summer draws to a close, the relief that many moms feel is palpable. The return to school signifies a return to routine, structure, and a sense of order that can be sorely missed during the more chaotic summer months.

One of the main sources of relief for moms after summer break is the return to a more predictable schedule. With children back in school, moms can once again plan their days with more precision, knowing when they have dedicated time for work, errands, self-care, or simply a quiet moment to themselves. This return to routine can bring a sense of calm and organization to a mother's life that may have been lacking during the more unstructured summer days.

Additionally, the relief of moms after summer break often comes from the opportunity to focus more on their own needs and interests. With children occupied at school, moms may find themselves with more time to pursue personal hobbies, exercise, or socialize with friends. This time for self-care is crucial for maintaining a mother's well-being and can help them feel more energized and fulfilled in their role as caregivers.

In conclusion, the relief that moms experience after summer break is multifaceted, encompassing aspects of routine, structure, and self-care that can contribute to a sense of balance and fulfillment in their lives. The return to school signals not only a new academic year for children but also a fresh start for mothers as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood.


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