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Back to you

by Vasantha Valli


PROLOGUE- Alison is busy with Lucas. She's not in this party. Everyone I dislike are in this party. What would I do without her. I tried calling her for the 20th time. Finally, she lifted up. "Alison!" I screamed over the phone. "You scared me, Sadie!" She sighed. "Why are you not coming to the party?" I asked. "This is the 100th time you are asking Sadie!" She gasped. "I-I'm sorry. I forgot that you have a dinner date with Lucas. Every ex of mine is coming to the party. Adam, Justin, Sean etc.! I'll get so bored without you. But yeah, you need your time so go and enjoy your budding romance!" I winked. "Thanks Sadie. I always know that you'll understand!" She said. "You're welcome. Okay gotta go! Bye!" I hung up.

I'm wearing a sleeveless dress, with a furry design on the bottom.

I'm so bored! But guess I'll figure it out!

Sighing, I got into the car. We started to the party.

In an hour, we drove to the party. My driver parked the car and waited for me. Firstly, I saw Adam and pretended I never saw him. He's with Beulah.

Why me!

Groaning, I started walking inside. I saw Scott from Alison's song Big Brother. "Hey!" He hugged me. "Hey Scott!" I hugged him, not interested in the company.

Then I walked further to find Will Knight. "Hey Sadie!" He pulled me into a hug. "It's been a long time!"

"Yeah!" I smiled.

I'm not even interested in this party! It's boring as shit!

Without Alison, it's nothing!

"So what are you doing these days?" He asked. "I acted in a movie called A Snowy Day in Manhattan. I gave voice in a film. I'm producing a Netflix series and I'm working on a music video. It's for the Netflix series." I said. "So good! You're becoming busy!" He said. "Yes!" I smiled. Then I saw Sean!

He saw me but he pretended that he didn't see me.

Who the hell cares anyway!

Will is continuously talking, but my concentration is on Sean.

But why?

Because he's standing right opposite to me?

Or because I'm getting bored?

It seems like he's also getting bored.

But I don't wanna talk to that shit!

I saw Will and gave a soft smile.

Aargh! Alison! Why didn't you come to the party!!!! I need you here! I know that you want your time, but I need you.

I feel like crying now!

Please someone take Sean away from me.

I saw Sean staring at me.

Oh no!

Why is he staring at me now!

No no no no no!

I know we've broken up and everything. I did something bad. That's what made us break up. But he too acted as a dork. He needs something more than me! I hated that. But why I'm going back to him again?

What's wrong with me?

Sadie calm down!


"Umm, Will, I need to use the restroom!" I bit my lower lip. He grinned, "okay!"

I ran from there as fast as I can and gasped, crying. Then I saw Glory.

Oh my god! Finally, someone is there for me!

"Glo!" I ran to her. "Sadie! I didn't know you were here." She pulled me into a hug. "Oh no you're all worn out. What's the matter?"

"I-I don't know!" I sniffed. "Come with me!" She took me to the restroom. "Speak out babe."

I explained everything happening in my mind. She nodded, "calm down Sadie. That's common. Seeing both of your exes and seeing the man whom you loved and patched up. Like you guys were on a on and off relationship. So, it's common. Cry. Everything will be alright." She hugged me, rubbing my back. "Thank you, Glory! Fans went crazy when they shipped us. Seadie! I loved that." I said. "Hey that's my cat’s! I mean it's similar to its name!" She winked, making me laugh. "Haha I love you Glory. Thank you. By the way, I heard that you and Zeus patched up?" I asked. "Yes!" She grinned. "But the world shouldn't know that."

"Yeah. Otherwise they'll find a reason to break up you guys again!" I laughed. She nodded, "exactly!"

"So what should I do if I encounter him?" I asked. "Follow your gut feeling babe." She said.

"Yes! Thank you." I hugged her again. "You saw Beulah anywhere?" She asked. "I guess she's with Adam." I rolled my eyes. Glory nodded, chuckling. We got up from the counter and went out. "Glory!" Beulah shouted, waving her hand to come there. "Will you come?" She asked. "You go. I'll follow my gut feeling!" I winked. "Haha cool." She laughed, before running there.

I started walking back to the party.

Then I saw Sean, crossing his arms and staring at me. "What?" I asked, scrunching my eyebrows. "Why did you cry?" He asked.

He saw?

"Why does that matter to you?" I asked. "Because... Never mind. Sorry. I was just..." He shook his head quickly. "Do you want to steal a car?" I winked. "Sure!" He said. I grabbed his hand and ran to the window. We sneaked out and ran out.

We sneaked out of the window and got into a car. "Finally, we stole!" I almost shouted and realized that I did. I saw Sean, turned to the front and grinned wide. Sean smiled, reversing the car, looking back. We finally got out.

"So, where we are going?" He asked, looking at the road. "Italy. France. Russia. Canada. Michigan." I rolled my eyes, knowing that he knows the answer. "So, Michigan, huh?" He asked. I looked away. "You know, you sort of look like Sadie Gardener." He said.

Is he drunk?

I'm Sadie Gardener!


He's going crazy!

I rolled my eyes, looking at him. "You're crazy! I'm Sadie Gardener! You're Sean Murray! It's clear Seany!" I laughed. "Yeah I know. I was joking." He said, looking straight. "You have a bad sense of humor!" I said. "I know!" He shrugged. "So?"

"What?" I asked. "Talk to me about something. Anything. I'll get bored easily, you know that." He said. I turned on the radio. Shake it off started playing. It is my favorite Al lor Swift’s song. "See I'll dance to this." I grinned. "Sadie, no!" He laughed, widening his eyes, shaking his head quickly. I started dancing singing the song. "Shake it off, shake it off, shake it off, shake it off."

No matter what the lyrics were, I was only singing Shake it off. "Next song?" I laughed, falling on my seat. "Wolves!"

"Hey that's Selena Gomez’s song!" I gasped, laughing. Sean nodded, laughing. "Do you remember our first meet?" He asked. I nodded, "I can't forget it." I smiled, looking at him, linking my hands to his.

We met in Alison's birthday party.

It was that time when I recently broke up with Justin and I was upset. Then this guy came and we mingled up easily. He was my savior. Then we started dating. Then we broke up again, then we again reconciled, again broke up.

Maybe I am meant for him.

Maybe my fate and future is with him.



We are going on a date!

Yes! On a date!

"Yeah Lucas, I'll do that." Alison is speaking on the phone. She's styling me for today.

My best friend is my best friend not your best friend.

Laughing, I opened my closet door and sat on the bed. "Sadie, do you have any idea what you're wearing today?" Alison asked. I simply shook my head. "I don't know."

"Umm, lemme see!" She started checking all the racks and started throwing the clothes she liked. She again started sorting everything out. "He'll be here at 12:30 Al!" I sighed. "I know and this will be perfect for you." She said, taking out an orange stripes top and a white tutu skirt. "Get dressed!"

I ran into the bathroom, getting myself, a hot shower and I dried my hair. I got into my clothes. I called Alison. She came into the bathroom and did my makeup. "You look like Velma!" She said, laughing. "Only glasses are missing."

"Alison!" I cocked my eyebrow. "Sorry, sorry." She said, laughing even more. I kept a poker face and stormed out of the bedroom. She followed me, laughing. We heard the doorbell. Alison opened it. "Lucas!"

"Hey sweetheart." He kissed her. "Hey Sadie, I heard you have a date today? By the way you look pretty."

"Thanks Lucas. Do you think I look like Velma?" I asked. "Umm, kinda!" He said. "See! I said!" Alison laughed. "I know him!"

"Alison!!!" I hugged her and we heard a car pulling up. "He's here!" Alison whispered. "Yes!" Lucas said. We heard the doorbell. Lucas opened the door. "Hey Sean. It's been a long-time buddy!"

"Yeah." Sean hugged him. He stepped in. "Hey Al, how are you?" He pulled her into a hug.

"Sadie, these are for you!" He handed over a bouquet of red roses. "Sean, these are beautiful!" I hugged him. "So, let's go?" He asked, keeping out his hand. "Yes!"

We headed out and pulled away. "Where are we going?" I asked. "You know!" He winked. "I understood!" I laughed.

The long drive was amazing.

We went to my favourite place!

He turned on the music. It is classical music now.

"Can you believe this guy?" I mumbled. "Who are you talking to?" He asked. "To myself." I shrugged. "Hey, could you make some faces? I'll do a video." He said. "Sure!" I hopped out of the car, running to a good background. "First happy." He said. I straightened myself and acted happy. He laughed. "Next is bored." He said. I stuck my tongue out and rolled my eyes, making a bored face. "Next is anger." He laughed. "Don't laugh. I'll lose the mood!" I shook my head. I acted angry, scrunching my eyebrows and looking seriously at Sean. "Next is drama." He said. I started acting dramatically, seeing at Sean once, looking up, here and there, using my hands for better expression. "Next is surprise." He said. I started acting surprised. "Good!" He said, turning his camera off. I hugged him and ran into the meadows.

I started running into the meadows, gesturing him to come and pulling his tie. I ran and plucked a flower, running more. I signaled him to stop and pulled out my Polaroid camera, taking a picture of him. He opened his mouth wide and tilted his head, giving a pose. Then I again ran as he took a video of me. "Sean, Sean, Sean!" I was coming to him as he walked back to get a video of me. I chuckled, walking around. "You know!" I winked, I turned around and started walking backwards. Then we stopped under an apple tree and started hitting the apples. They fell and I jumped down to lie down between the apples. Gasping, I laughed. Then I gave him a letter. "I'll read it after I get home." He said. "Hah, better!" I smirked. He grabbed an apple and started eating it. Then he again started to take a video of me. "Sing!" He said. "Which song?" I asked. "Your latest. Give me a glimpse atleast!" He pleaded. I shook my head laughing. "Okay!"

"Okay, ready? 1,2,3..." He started the video. I started singing. "Woah! That's great!" He clapped, turning off the camera, placing it on the ground. He took a paper from his pocket and made it a rocket. He threw that to me. "What's this?" I asked, opening it. He just smirked.

"Why?" I asked, shocked. "No!!!" I screamed. The paper is a wanted card. It's for public nuisance and grand theft auto.

Yes! Sounds weird! I know.

I was extremely shocked by his move.

Is this a date? Or not?

I looked up at him with a serious face. "I'm not going to jail!" I muttered. "No! I'm not going to jail!" I screamed, running back to the car.

Next day, we are sitting in a police van. The officers are away from here. They're just talking, opening our doors. I got a book to read. It's called Tales of Infidelity, playing with my hair.

I don't know what he's doing.

Alison and Lucas are absolutely devastated knowing Sean's real motive. They're trying to bail me out.

I just checked him through the holes partition between us. He's also reading a book! It's called Detective.

"We have to burn the car!" I said, keeping the book away. "What?" He jumped. "No way, that car is life!"

"Jail is death!" I rolled my eyes, throwing the book away from my hands, jumping out of the van. He came after me. "Get the hell out of here Sean! I hate you!" I screamed. "No, I don't want to go to jail! I didn't do anything wrong you bastard!"

"Yes! I know that! But I love my car more than you! More than myself." He screamed, rolling his eyes. "Get lost!" I said. For his surprise, his car is already burnt. "You did this?" He hissed. I rolled my eyes. "I can't believe you actually burnt it!" He screamed. "Well, I'm not going to jail!" I screamed back. "You can't burn my car like that!" He screamed. "I'm not going to jail! That's so stupid!" I screamed back. "You're too passionate!" He screamed, rolling his eyes.

Wow! He gave me a name finally!

"Where are you going?" He shouted. "Why do you care!" I shouted back, walking to the van.

Next day...

"Thank you Alison! Thanks Lucas! Thanks for everything!" I hugged them.

Yeah! They bailed me out.

Sean is still in the jail. He has a week sentence.

"I didn't expect he'd do like that." Lucas said. I nodded, "I too didn't expect he'd be like that. Such a bastard!"

"Well let's go home!" Alison said, cheering me up. I smiled and we got home. That night we had a wonderful time.

Next day...

"I have a party coming week! All my exes are coming. Including Sean!" I rolled my eyes. "Adam with Beulah. Justin with Hope and Sean."

"Calm down Sadie! Will and Glory are going to that party. So don't worry. Glory will give you a wonderful company. We need to get to the designer asap!" Alison said. "Why are you not coming to the party?" I frowned. "Because I have a dinner date with Lucas in Lucas's deli!"

She grinned. "Just kidding, not in Lucas's deli but somewhere surprising he said."

I nodded. "Okay! My bad luck!"

"Sorry Sadie! Come here!" She hugged me. "I love you Alison." I said. "I love you too my sister." She said.