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Beginning of a New Journey

by Varsha Purohit

It was a rainy day. Water was splashing continuously on the window pane making it difficult to see the outside environment. Shreya was waiting for someone. She was waiting for the postman who was going to deliver her letter-of-fate. She was an aspiring girl who wanted to pursue further studies abroad.

"And here is the first boundary in the very first ball of the inning!" shouted the commentator. India was first time into the world cup finals and looks like the whole country was shut down. Schools, government offices were unofficially closed due to this. Shreya waited passionately for the postman. While watching cricket she started wondering how she took this decision.

"I am planning to study abroad" she told this to Aman. "Are you asking me or telling me that you are going?" he asked her again. "Well, I want you to support me in this and accompany me. We can together build our career and life."

"No, Shreya I am tied up with my family I won't be able to leave India. I expect that you understand me and be by my side." Aman said.

cricket match

They exchanged cold glances. Clearly, they both were heading towards opposite directions. They loved each other but at this phase of time, Shreya wanted to grow ahead in her career at the same time she wanted Aman to grow as well. While Aman was the only son in his family and he wanted to be with his parents. Even though his Mom was against their relationship, he wanted to convince her and marry Shreya.

"There goes the first wicket of India. Its a big blow, India lost it important wicket" cried the commentator. Shreya was disturbed by her thoughts. She was a passionate cricket lover. The reason was Aman. He was a state level player and she always boosted him by going to see all the matches he used to play.

"Hi Aman, its me. I won't be able to see your game today" Shreya informed him.
"No Shreya, that's not fair. You know that today was my important match and you said you will make it"
"Yes yes I know. I called you to say all the best. Actually, one of my friends is in a trouble and I need to help her."
"Okay, so i am not important to you. No matter how much i care for you, all you have to say is you don't have time for me. Fine. Do whatever you like." he didn't let her finish the talk.
"hey don't feel bad ... Hellooo .. Aman.. are you there?" There was a beep from the other side. Shreya got scared but she wanted to help her friend who had tried to commit suicide. She took her to the hospital and called her other friends who showed up promptly. She had to donate blood since her blood group matched with the patient's blood group. She felt dizzy after donating two bottles of blood but she wanted to make it to the match.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang and she rushed to open the door. She got her admission letter from the university. She was happy as she read the acceptance letter in detail. After this turmoil in her life she knew she had to leave India for good and start a new life. But she was not prepared to go without Aman. She got a letter from him as well but she was scared to open the letter. It was from Aman.

India finished its batting inning with a massive score of 362 in 50 overs. It was very huge for the opposite team to beat India. Indian team had to
undergo a month long journey of world cup cricket to make it to the final. So, they were prepared for such huge score and also with excelling balling line up. She went inside her room and thought she would read the letter and call up Aman to tell him that she will be leaving India soon.

Shreya wanted to be with Aman. This possessiveness in her was growing to a large extent. One day she called up Aman when her parents were out of town. He came inside and Shreya was wearing a ravishing outfit. Aman got her into his arms and took her inside her bedroom...

After few days passed Shreya came to meet Aman. She looked tensed. Aman's mom opened the door and gave a sly look. Aman hurriedly took her to his room. "What's the matter?" he asked. "Aman I think I am pregnant" She said. But Aman's mom overheard this and immediately pounced on Shreya "Did you see Aman? how clever this girl is? Don't fall for her. She will let you down some day" Aman managed to send his mother outside but Shreya left his home and cried a lot.

Sri Lanka was playing against India. It was giving back to India by series of sixes and fours. It was the tenth over and none of the wickets were in India's hands. "Hi Aman !" Shreya finally called him. "Hi, what's up?" he said. "Aman, please don't be so cold. I agree for my past mistakes but you didn't leave me any choice," she said.

"Shreya, there is no point crying over a spilled milk. You are on your own now. all the best," he hung up the phone. Shreya cried a lot. She knew that he is not going to call her back after what happened.

"Hi Shreya, I have a news for you" Aman called her after a week since she disclosed about her pregnancy.

"Aman.." she cried "where were you Aman? I have been calling you like hell".

"Sorry dear, but I was working on our relationship. Listen I have a good news. I convinced my mom that the child is mine and somehow she has agreed to accept you despite what she has done to you in the past. I will be coming to your home with my sis. See you sweetheart." he hung up the phone. After an hour they both arrived at her place. Shreya welcomed them with a fake smile. "What's the matter?" he asked her.

"Aman, I aborted the child" she started crying.. "Whattttttttt , why.." he asked her. "I didn't know what you were thinking. Plus you know my career and future. I can't spoil that." she said. "But Shreya, you came to me with this good news and I thought we should get married" he was confused.

"Aman, I still love you. We can go abroad make our career and then plan to get married. Why to hurry." she said.
"Is that so? I thought you loved me, but you are so mean. You just think about yourself." He left hurriedly.

The final over approached. Everyone were glued to their seats. There were just 3runs left and that could have lead to India's defeat. But after two balls India got its final wicket. Wow ! that was so fast thought Shreya. She recollected her past life with Aman along with this match.

The end of this match was the end for India's journey, but it was a new beginning for Shreya's journey since she was going to fly to Australia for further studies.

*** The End ***

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