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Behind The Name Of Love

by Shabnam Pathan
(Pune, Maharastra, India)

"Love is the most powerful force in the world" -Dallin H. Oaks.

This quote by jurist Dallin, defines us the reality of this world, because love is the force which binds us together and makes us to believe everything is possible in this world.

Talking about love, it’s really difficult to define it by right words. Love has different shades, these change according to the perspective of a person who see it. It comes from their values, personal point of view, their current state of mind, it is shaped by their life experiences and the assumptions they bring into any situation and lot of other things. If I ask, any one of my college friend “what is true love?”, the one will be like "are wo tha na DDLJ mein Raj ko Simran se bas wahi wala !!" Really, the word LOVE reminds us only about romantic movies of Karan Johar, emotional songs of Arijit Singh, or gulzar’s shayari, that’s all! It don’t reminds us the relation of parent and child which is full of unconditional love, the eternal and divine love between god and us, the selfless love of a soldier towards his country.

In 21st century, perception about love is completely changing, it’s being like ..saw on facebook..talked on WhatsApp…married in court and the ultimate end of this is divorce. The divorce rate in love marriages is higher than arranged marriages. People don’t realize that along with love the marriage brings more responsibilities, commitments, and values in life. The mutual trust, understanding, loyalty, acceptance which are important to build a strong relationship are getting lost along with time.

Love has different types and different ways to show it. The love can be shown by affection , protectiveness, caring, trust, respect, devotion basically by our actions and emotions. Other than this there is a drastic change in the way to show it. The oppressive incidents happening in our society are the proof of it. The shocking incident happened on 3rd February 2020, at hinganghat, Nagpur. One sided lover burned a girl alive on road, just because she said ‘NO’ to his marriage proposal. Another one bizzare incident happened in thrissur, where a jilted lover slashed blade on young girl’s face. The famous case we all know, acid attack on laxmi agarwal, the attack happened to her because she rejected gudda (gudda is criminal of that case) .The mentality of men in such cases is like, " If I don’t have you, no one shall’’. Not in just india but all over the world dangerous crimes happen mostly against women as a revenge of rejecting marriage or love proposal or saying no to their sexual demand.

Behind the name of love acid attacks, murders, rapes, large number of these crimes occur across the country everyday. You just have to google one and you will get to know 10 other happened within a week. News reports claim that spurned lovers attack women madly. Some incidents come to know people but many attacks against women are not even reported. These things should be set right. The basic and first thing is our educating system must give some sociological and psychological knowledge to students. In these things our society plays a very important role. Sometimes it happens our society blames victim instead of criminal; it’s not like supporting the criminal but it’s like promoting the criminal indirectly. Also, our Indian laws should be more strong against crimes which blackout the humanity in our society. Recently, Maharashtra cabinet has approved Shakti Act and capital punishment for heinous crimes against women and children.

At last, I think the love can be conditional, unconditional, measurable, unmeasurable, passionate, romantic, selfless, endless, whatever! But it can’t be harmful to anyone. The intention of love can’t be disfigure, torture or kill anyone. And if it is, it’s absolutely not LOVE !!!


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