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Being Silent At Times

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

Most of the times we take silence to be an individual’s stern decision to react to an offensive gesture. But Silence isn’t always stern perhaps it is just a little inexplicit with almost no effort.

At times we are silent because we don’t want to open up any window of neither our lives nor our heart to anything that hurts thus trying to be protective and preventive towards our emotions. We all love to be respected but with people who are too ignorant to realize how their centric ‘my way or highway’ behaviour is a chronicle bruise to others’ self respect and emotions Silence is at times the only saviour for self.

Silence often gesticulates ignorance when we can neither leave nor accept. It is the midway to peace of mind while dealing with those who want others to stay numb so that they can feel peace. So at times we are silent because others aren’t too receptive to who we are. We are silent because it is better to be unavailable than impose ones love to people who don’t much like you anyway.

Silence with a smile for everyone is the only way I have realised to make life easier for me. Talk only to people who can understand and for those who don’t, be silent. And while you bring this to practice don’t forget to be humble to other’s silence too. Life is two way after all and so are relationships. What goes is what comes back and trust me it is never the other way.

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