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by Geetika Sodhi
(Ghaziabad, India)

Betrayal smells of dried blood
Of carcasses after the flood
Of an eclipsed sun
Of a beasts fun
Of unhealed scars and eternal pain
Of stagnant water of a choked drain

Betrayal tastes like unbearable bitterness
Like a curse that no power can bless
Like sand of a murderous sea shore
Like wall of a dark moist store
Like wood of a wrecked ship
Like sweat of an evil grip

Betrayal looks like a broken wall
Like a kingdom’s merciless fall
Like castle caught in fire
Like lifeless body in a burning pyre
Like a monster that doesn’t sleep
Like a jackal dressed as sheep

Betrayal feels like a soul so dead
Like a kid in a war deprived of bread
Like a struggling breath so naked and cold
Like a helpless body scavenged and sold
Like defeated courage choosing death
Like no peace until the last breath.


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