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Better Choice

by Samika Kanukunta
(Hyderabad, India)

One's Choice is Better Than Society's Choice

Every girl has their own choices like men. But first problem where it all begins is family. The family wants the girl to have a tag beside their name yet not around their neck. Be it profession or marriage. Two aspects and two women's life is the story all about.

Naina is from a practical family who wants to be a homemaker and Sita from an orthodox family who wants to be a professional artist. The families are different, so are the women here. It was time for both to decide their lives, as they are friends and of same age. One was asked to find her job while other was forced and bullied to get married. They decided to oppose their respective families and find their way. Everything went well except bonding with the family. It was uneasy to Naina and Sita. But later looking at success and happiness of Naina and Sita, the families have accepted them wholeheartedly.

Here the problem is not only about marriage, or family or choices of women but the society itself. Also the parents have to understand and know the value of what their girl wants. When a woman have maturity to handle what her parents want, doesn't she have the maturity to handle what she want?

"Parents must know their children more than society.


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Feb 01, 2022
Right to take own decisions
by: Your Name: Deepthi

I agree, the problem arises in understanding parents love and care there children unconditionally but neglect in knowing the children's dreams,goals and happiness at a time being. But they finally want there children to be happy . I hope they should guide us as well as support us the way we want to spend our was. really a good article from point of young stars.

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