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Beware of Imitating Others

by Vaman Acharya

Little girl Maya was perfectly alright till yesterday. But there was a sudden change in her speech since morning. She had developed stammering, when she was in the class. How she had developed sudden stammering? Everybody in the class put the same question. It was brought to the notice of her mom immediately. Her mom rushed to the school after sometime.

“What happened to you my dear Maya?” Mom asked.
She was unable to tell the truth due to fear.
Maya’s mother in deep shock and could not control her grief.

She took her to the hospital and consulted the doctor. He advised to her that Maya should be under medical supervision for a day. The doctor had clearly reported that since the defect was not existed at the time of the birth and occurred very recently. He further told the stammering will go automatically after some time and advised to continue treatment.

Maya was not only brilliant in the school but also clever in dealing with the household activities. Her classmate Nadia was happy because she would take her place as a topper in the school.

In the meantime, the school had decided to enact a drama on the occasion of annual day. Maya was asked to take up a prominent role as a challenge. She refused to act in the drama due to her stammering. Everybody including parents persuaded her to accept the role. Ultimately, she agreed to act in the drama.

Rehearsal was in full swing. Maya’s role was prominent. It was an opportunity to exhibit her talent. Some of the difficult dialogues though they were in English, could not be pronounced by a normal person. She took it as a prestige and put her sincere efforts to by heart the dialogues to spell out correctly. Without practice, it was highly impossible to pronounce. Initially she felt very difficult to pronounce. But her determination and firm conviction, she could pronounce each word without any problem. In the process, she pronounced all the dialogues correctly and regained her correct speech.

Her teacher was surprised to see her progress to overcome the problem. This was good news not only to her parents but all her friends and teachers. She was applauded by all, who were present in the rehearsal of the drama. Her voice became normal and there were no signs of stammering. Her classmates thought it was a miracle. In reality, she had gained normalcy due to constant pronouncement of difficult English words.

It was brought to the notice of her parents that the sudden stammering was due to her imitation of somebody as a fun. Maya revealed the reason behind her stammering. Last week, she was busy in her seventh birthday. She had invited her friends on the occasion. Among them one had a defect of stammering. One of her friends told Maya to talk like her with stammering. Initially, Maya was reluctant to oblige. On the insistence of her friends, she tried with hesitation. She was successful in her attempt. Maya did it as a fun, but it was adversely affected on her speech.

Before making commitment one must be very careful.

“Where there is a will there is a way” appropriately apply to Maya.

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Dec 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Very good. Moral of the story---
1.Do not try to immitate to insult somebody.
2.Learn from your deeds the mistakes committed.
3.Practice makes perfect.
a)good habits and also
b)bad habbits.
4.void with forthought practicing things not good as one may loose his/her natural good habits.
O.K. sir, Thanks alot.

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