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Beyond Darkness and Two Other Poems

by Puja Goswami
(Bangalore, India)

By Puja Goswami

Once I fell in a pit
which was hundred of meters deep
it was dark inside
darker than the darkest of nights
I cried for help to save myself
but no one heard
even my loudest of screams
I was going down deeper and deeper
with each breath getting shorter and shorter
death could only have saved me
but I lived just to prove it wrong
deep down I found a tunnel and a ray of light
entering through a funnel
my skin shone in its brightest tone
to see the magnificent path hidden beneath the dark
and I ran never looking back
all alone but strong as hell
thinking this too shall pass
and yes, indeed it passed.

By Puja Goswami

I can still find the reminiscence of our broken strings
lying somewhere near the windowpane
settled with the sheets of dust
undisturbed and shaping a mark
on a windy day they all fly
along with the dust
scattering all over my place
and on such days my heart aches
remembering the time
When everything was fine
me, you and the strings we tied.

By Puja Goswami

Dreams keep us alive and teach us to survive
but do you ever strive to keep them alive?
because they can fade away even before you realize
and slowly they die somewhere in your far-flung mind
do you ever recall all those lost dreams?
you once saw on a moonlit night
dreams whose voices were never heard
dreams whose hands were always tied
in our preoccupied life
but whom are you going to blame?
when your dreams will lose their flame
and will never come back
the way they did before when you were young and wild
chase my friend, the faster you can
before you wake up in a far off land.


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Feb 18, 2020
Rhtymic pattern of the Heart
by: Gayathri Devi Dutt

I read the poems again and again and was carried away at the simplicity of the imagery adhering to the rules of Poetry writing, yet freezing a depth of meaning and feeling. One can feel the walk through the tunnel!

Jan 29, 2020
Heart touching poems about the very truth of life
by: Tanmay Barman

Well structured poems with a deep hidden meaning which made it so appealing. Touched my heart. Loved it. Keep it up Puja 👍

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