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Beyond The Sunset -2

by Tanuja Chatterjee

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Chapter Two

The fresh air soothed Anubha's skin. She felt good. The majestic aura of the place held her breath. Moving closer to the boundary wall she breathed in deeply. The serenity of the view before her eyes filled her heart with blissful peace.

"Oh, let me take some good shots from here!" she said softly and turned sideways to open her bag neatly hung on her right shoulder. Just then, a big black shining BMW, came to a silent halt, in front of her. The beauty of the car made her gaze at it for a moment and she thought"How beautiful indeed! No wonder its the most coveted thing by its connoisseurs in the world!

Still searching for her camera in that large brown leather bag she shifted her attention from the car to the inside of her bag.
"Yo! Found you!" she said to herself easing the lines of her forehead and took out the camera.
"These digital cams these days are quite handy for people like me. It's a boon of some sort. Just three steps- select, aim and shoot." she thought looking at it fondly.

Confidently she moved up and down the pavement that ran along the boundry, to select the best view. She wished to capture the building along with a part of its surrounding ambiance. After selecting the spot on the left side of the main gate, she stood still for a while and aimed her shot.

"Oh!Not this! I am not happy with this" making a droopy face, she thought and looked on at the screen. "I need to click a few more and then select." she said to herself nodding her head and began the struggle to capture the best view of The Victoria Memorial.

"Abha!" called someone from behind. "Abha!" came the voice again. The name wasn't unfamiliar though but apart from... who else could it be!

.....To be continued...

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Feb 04, 2011
by: Spriha

too short to b a complete chap i guess else \m/

Jan 18, 2011
Thanx Iszy!
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

Thanx a ton for visiting! I'm slow but hope to weave my imaginations well so that you can get action packed flow in the story.

Jan 14, 2011
wanted more
by: Isabel

...will wait for the continuation. I wonder who owns that sleek black BMW? Hmmm...

When I was younger I've dreamed of having a red convertible Mercedez B.

Now that I am older and wiser, was happy to acquire a red Japanese made car. Runs smoothly and fast too...but who wants to drive fast and get a speeding ticket! =)

P.S> just noticed all the security words were all human anatomy e.g. cornea, spleen, liver etc...=]
Just an observation.

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