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Beyond the Sunset Chapter - 7

by Tanuja Chatterjee
(Kolkata, India)

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Chapter 7

"It’s my daughter Roy! My sweet heart!" Anubha spoke .

"Oh, hello lovely! How are you?" she asked.

"Hmm, looking great Maa!" replied Anu.

"What? How do you know? I mean, I always look fine, don’t I?" she replied.

"Yes true…but you look charming today. Haven’t seen you so happy in ages maa." Anu answered.

"Hey you sound spooky." She replied with a laughter.

"You were wrong. Your decision was absolutely wrong." Her daughter continued.

"What? What decision? What are you talking? Drunk or what!" she spoke back.

"You’ve got this very bad habit of interrupting…I haven’t finished yet. He is good. Is he your Roy Maa?" she answered.

Anubha felt disturbed and uncomfortable suddenly. Roy saw her eyes searching for someone all around that wide openness of Victoria Memorial.

"What’s wrong Abha?" he asked.

She was now up on her feet turning her head in all directions to catch a glimpse of someone or something perhaps.

"Tell me what’s wrong with you!" He asked again.

"Where are you?" Anubha asked.

"Right behind you both." Came the reply.

Before Anubha could turn a figure from somewhere squeezed her in a tight embrace from behind.

"Oh Maa! Oh Maa!" Leaving a tight kiss on her cheek she turned to Roy.

"Hi Roy, This is Anubhuti. You can call me Anu if you may." She spoke with absolute clarity in her voice and at the same time confidently extended her right arm for a cordial hand shake.

"Wow! You must be Abha’s daughter. Hi, Great to meet you." Came Roy’s reply with equal spontaneity.

"Abha, she is so much
like you. By the way, Thanx Anu. I’m happy to see that I was actually talked about a great deal. It feels good." He continued.

"You know what! You both oldies have done a blunder by ignoring your heart’s call. You both look so good together." Anu teased joyfully.

"Stop it. Oh stop it. Will you?" said Anubha with annoyance and continued, "How come you’re here? When did you come?"

"I took leave of two weeks and while booking the tickets I thought let it be a surprise for you. So didn’t tell." She answered with a lot of energy.

"You know Roy, I knew she would be lonely and a bit sad, as Paa is away, so thought of being there with her for sometime. But when I got home I got a surprise… a lifeless empty house! And guess what? I didn’t have to ask anyone to know where she would be. We all know that when she feels low she comes here …so , here I am." She spoke all in one breath.

Anubha hugged her close and looking at Roy she said, "She is all I have."

"My young lady, how do you find her now?" Roy asked Anu.

"I always knew that she would be the happiest if ever she meets you." Came a fast reply.

"Come, let's eat something. I had breakfast in Bangalore and now it’s past two. Will you two join me for a light lunch at Peter Cat?" she asked looking at the two.

"Yeah sure, why not! What do you say Abha!" Roy answered.

Anubha preferred to stay silent .


..............To be continued...

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Jun 17, 2011
by: TC

No Kris. Thanx for visiting.

Jun 14, 2011
Just curious
by: Anonymous

Hey Tanuja,

Did you by any chance spend part of your schooling years in Hyderabad at St.Georges grammar school?


Apr 30, 2011
by: vimala ramu

The effusiveness of Anu has come out very well, Tanuja. Carry on !

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