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Beyond The Sunset - Chapter 9

by Tanuja Chatterjee
(Kolkota, India)

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The dawn broke. The sky dazzled with a beautiful sunrise. There was something new…something different today. She came out into the openness of her verandah. The wheezing sound of her breath hadn’t subsided yet and that caused uneasy breathlessness. As the cool breeze wafted through her being, she felt refreshed and good. The tender graces of the dawn greeted her just as any other day. She sat down on the stairs and watched the pigeons and sparrows eating to their heart’s content from the freshly refilled bowl of “bajra”. Something that never ceased to be there for them and the birds seem to know it too. In fact, they too had taken it for granted. They fought; they pushed and poked each other but still made room, so that all could fill their sunken bellies for the day. “What a satisfying way to start the day! Fragile tender souls!” Anubha thought. Display of such vivid innocence brought a smile on her parched lips. She breathed in deeply as much as she could and as many times as she could… felt a bit better and stood up to straighten her back muscles. As she stretched out her arms on either side, she said softly “On this new dawn I’m born anew!” and recalled the hymn she sang at school, “God who touches earth with beauty, make my heart anew. With thy spirits recreate me. Pure and strong and true!

Roy called at about 10 am, a bit early for him though, but was too excited to seek the day! Anu took the call.
“Good Morning, Lovely!” he said
“Good Morning Poppy! Anu said laughing, “hee!hee! A new day, a new name for you Roy!”
“Wow! Phoo! That’s great! I like it! Poppy!” he replied.

The two soon got engrossed in a light conversation when Anubha overheard Anu “Why don’t you take her far and spend some time…, no! The second one…actually either of the two would be fine! You’ll not only enjoy your journey but much needed togetherness…o.k.…I’ll call her.”
“Maa! Call from Roy!” She yelled.
“Tell him I’ll be ready when he comes. My hands are full
to take the call, right now!” Answered Anubha while kneading the dough in the kitchen.
Tears filled her eyes and she softly wiped them. Life’s kneading her as well, she thought in silence. Tears, idle tears indeed! It wasn’t easy but she had to endure, as there was no other way.

Roy dropped in a short while. Anu answered the doorbell.
“Good to see you again Anya! Now, how’s that!” Roy laughed and continued “Is your Mommy ready!”
“Not bad! Seem to be on cloud nine! Hmm!” Anu answered rolling her eyes with a slight catch of naughtiness….”couldn’t sleep or what! Hmm!”
Then the two broke into a laughter. Roy made himself comfortable on the sofa and Anu sat on the opposite chair.
“Oh Hi! Will be here in a minute, till then you two enjoy your tea with some fresh cookies.”Said Anubha handing over the cup of tea to Roy.
“Her last minute instructions….you see!” Said Anu.
“O.k. but why aren’t you ready? Not coming along!” he asked.
“I’m sorry; I’ve called over some old school friends. It is my time to catch up with my friends. Please don’t mind.” She answered.
Anubha returned with her purse. She smelled of “Fragonard”. There was something special about her…something unusual.
“You look so refreshed Abha. Nice perfume!“ Remarked Roy.
“I’m very happy today, that’s why!” she lied.
“Why do you have to lie when you know you’re lousy at it? So, from now on, don’t lie! ….You can’t tell a lie!…You’re very bad at it! Got it!” Roy overreacted.

All three smiled and laughed and Anubha gave a tight hug to Anu and said “Will you remember all that I told you? Be good Anu. Stay happy and safe. O.K! So look for the good times ahead. Bye!”
“Oh Maa! I’ll manage…alright! I’ll wait for your call and in case ….” Anu felt shy when Roy intruded.
“Will keep you posted…and frequently posted, from my side too…If your Mommy turns cranky. O.K! Take Care!” Roy patted lightly on Anu’s back.
And the car sped away.

To be continued .......

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