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Beyond The Sunset-4

by Tanuja Chatterjee
(Kolkata, India)

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Chapter 4

It was a strange moment. She neither felt sorrow nor any sense of despair. The honest sincerity of her past glazed through the nadir of her heart leaving her with hopeless tremors. With each unfamiliar impulse, as it jumped through the synapse, she wrinkled a bit more from inside. She had experienced the tremors before when one day everything within and without crumbled before her eyes and she ran outside amidst the foliage of gardens in their backyard and rasped out a plea 'why! why! why!". That same feeling returned now.She had vowed it in the past never to be weak again - come what may! These long decades of soulless living taught her to persevere and also to do her best a little longer each moment. She wrestled through every knotty situation, on her own. Amidst a quagmire of difficulties, she bloomed and triumphed.

"So, why not now!" she thought.

Both stood near the boundary wall,facing the monument. Not a word escaped between the two. Anubha looked at Roy. Through his gold frame dark glasses, he appeared to be in awe.

'Perhaps he is trying to figure out the past or searching Roy within or perhaps...!" she fell silent with these thoughts.

"Well, whatever this silence means I better leave him with his thoughts!' thought Anubha and started to move away.

"Stay Abha, stay! I'll come along." he said with his look still fixed on the monument. "There is so much to talk about," he said when he turned towards her.

"Aren't you hungry?" he asked

"No, I had an early lunch today."she answered

"Then we can go around the monument and settle for some coffee later." He cheered himself up as he said.

"Oh don't bother! I'm just fine."

To be continued.....

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