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Big Brother Appu
(Story for kids)

By Lakshmi Menon

 Chapter One

Appu reached home by bus along with his friends at 4 p.m. He enjoyed coming with them in a group, chit chatting. They discussed about their  class news on the way.

Two of his friends belonged to his class of Second grade B, one studied in second Grade A and the other three were one year senior to him, and they studied in 3rd Grades.

In the mornings, his aunt dropped him on her scooter. His father had given strict instruction to Aunt Pushpa to take Appu in the morning and drop him at the school on her way to office. For this purpose, Pradeep, his father had bought the scooter for her. In the evenings, Aunt Pushpa would be usually late, and hence he was permitted to come home by bus. Aunt Pushpa was his mother’s younger sister who was staying with them for the past one year.

He was shocked to find his house locked, when he walked towards his house. “Mummy…..Mummy”, shouted Appu. But there was no response. He called out for his mother again.

Usually his mother would be waiting for his arrival at the door. “What happened to her today? Is she not well?” He was anxious.

Hearing Appu’s voice, Aunt Rashmi, their neighbor, came out and told him that his mother was taken to the hospital and soon he would be getting a little sister or brother. “My Mummy…. Hospital?” He began to cry loudly. “Appu, don’t cry like a silly boy. Your mother is perfectly alright. Nothing to worry about her,” consoled Aunt Rashmi.She took him to her house and offered him milk and snacks. “You’re going to get a little sister or brother soon,” said aunt Rashmi with a grin.

That news was really a relief to him. Otherwise the word ‘hospital’ would’ve worried him a lot. “Aunty, I want to call my Daddy,” said Appu in distress. “Don’t worry. We‘ve already informed your Daddy and he will be reaching here by tomorrow evening.”

“Thank you, aunty”. Appu smiled. After a moment’s thought he asked with concern, “Who is with my mother in the hospital?” “I had informed Pushpa over the phone and she has immediately rushed home. She has accompanied your mother to the hospital. Fortunately, Uncle Vinay was at home today. So he drove them to the Hospital in his car.” Aunt Rashmi patted him on his back and consoled him.

Appu’s father Pradeep was working in Mumbai and he was trying hard to get a transfer to his home town Bangalore, to be with his family.

Rashmi gave Appu’s dress which Pushpa had left with her while going to the hospital. Appu changed into the dress and sat worriedly on the sofa.

His friends came to call him to play outdoors. But, he was not in a mood to play today. “Aunty, I want to go to hospital,” begged Appu.

“You can’t go there alone, Appu. Your aunt will come now and she will take you to the hospital,” said aunt Rashmi affectionately pampering him over his head.

Appu was very fond of aunt Rashmi and uncle Vinay. Their house was just opposite to his house. They were very helpful neighbors. Vani, their cute little daughter, was crawling there on the floor and smiled at him, showing her two little upcoming teeth. She came to play with him, but Appu felt she was too small for him to play. He however, helped her to hold his fingers and walk few steps.

“tr………..r……r…….” suddenly the phone rang. Rashmi attended the phone and smiled. “Appu, good news for you. You’ve got a little sister now.” Rashmi said loudly, “Aunt Pushpa is coming to pick you up.”

It was certainly great news for Appu. He was delighted. “Vani, I’ve got a little sister like you.” He pinched her chubby cheek.

Appu waited impatiently for his aunt’s arrival.

“Will she be looking like me, aunty?” asked Appu with excitement. “Yes, definitely she will be like you. In other words, you were also like your sister when you were born,” replied Rashmi, stroking his chin.

The hospital was not very far. Just two kilometers distance. He knew that his aunt would reach here at any moment to pick him up.

Rashmi diverted his attention to watch the cartoon show on the television.

When he heard a vehicle sound outside Appu jumped out of his seat and ran towards Pushpa, who was just paying the taxi driver. “Appu, I’ll take you to the hospital now. Wait for a few minutes. I will prepare some food and we will go together to the hospital. Then you will have to come back with uncle Vinay when he returns. Tonight you’re going to stay here. Tomorrow your daddy will be at home. Okay?” Aunt Pushpa was in a hurry.

After speaking to Aunt Rashmi for a while she walked towards their house and Appu followed her.


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