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Bitterness to Love

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India )

It was on the hot summer day; there was a long queue at the cash counter of Paramount Mall, Bengaluru. Suddenly, one young man holding the smartphone on the one hand and a bag, on the other hand running towards the long queue, managed to stand front by pushing the young woman behind, who was in the front. In the process, she got a minor injury. The young woman was irritated and said with anger,

“Who are you? Why did you misbehave with me? Do you know
misbehaving with the woman is a crime and punishable under the law? I will complain about you with the police."
“I have not done it purposely. In a hurry such things are common,” replied the young man.
“You are an uncivilized man and don't have the courtesy to say sorry," said the young woman.
“Madam, you don't know the truth. When I was front in the queue, I forgot to collect my bag containing clothes. I went there fast and returned here. By the time I returned, you had come in the front,” explained the young man.
“You know the art of telling a lie. Right now I will speak to the store manager of the Mall and report your misbehaviour. People like you deserve punishment,” replied young woman.
As soon as the trouble continued between the young guys, other people in the queue objected. The argument between them reached the ugly stage. A pretty little girl of eight years just behind the young woman was keenly observing the situation. She was with her mom. The little girl rushed to the spot and told the young man.
"Uncle, I don't like your rude behaviour. You have pushed her back and caused minor injury. You have to say sorry first to her and as a punishment, go back to the last in the queue."
It was surprising for everybody, and they were looking at the smart little girl. The young man had to cut a sorry figure. He apologized, but he was reluctant to go and stand last in the queue. The security staff arrived on the spot and forcibly took him to the last. The little girl had a smile on her face. The young man felt insulted.
In another incident after a fortnight, the same young guys met in the A/C compartment of the train proceeding to Mumbai from Bengaluru. This time, they were infix that reservation of the same seat was allotted to both of them. The heated argument started. The young man who had already occupied the seat refused to vacate. Both lost their patience and war of words began.
“This is my seat. How dare you are to occupy my seat!" said the young woman.
“Show me your ticket,” asked young man.
She showed her ticket.
He also showed his ticket and said, “You may complain with the ticket examiner.”
It was an entertainment for the passengers. The Ticket examiner arrived for checking the tickets. He saw both were fighting for the same seat. After verification of the tickets, he realized that it was a mistake of the Railway. The Ticket Examiner provided a separate seat to one of them. Both young guys were proceeding to Mumbai. On reaching Dadar station, both got down at the platform. There was a huge crowd of passengers on the platform. They were in a hurry to go outside via exit gate. The two guys again met at a spot where there was no space to pass through. The young man again pushed her to make way for him. Earlier also, he had pushed her in the mall. This time, the young lady suffered a minor injury. The young man, who caused damage left without showing sympathy. Ignoring the pain, she moved fast to catch hold of him. He was negotiating the fare with the taxi driver and saw the lady, who was struggling to meet him.
“You have no courtesy to say sorry,” said the young lady.
“I have not done it purposely. It is common in such a crowded place.” Replied the young man with arrogance.
“By appearance, you look like an educated man. But your attitude is totally different. I will not leave you till you say sorry,” said young lady.
He felt very much for the comments made by her. She was successful in stopping him.Their fight continued for some time. People standing there didn't notice these guys. Ultimately, he said sorry. Both of them didn’t know that they were going to the same place and for the same purpose.
After a
week, the young man as per his program went to Hotel Paradise situated in Matunga for a specific work. He went to the fifth floor of the hotel and saw the same young lady sitting in the reception hall surrounded by some ladies. They were busy in a humorous talk. Their conversation was so loud that everybody attracted to them. The young man was surprised to see her own elder sister in the group. He was unable to tolerate his sister hugging the same young lady. He remembered the tussle with the same woman not once but thrice. He went to the corridor and called his sister.
His sister arrived there within two minutes and asked, “Sudeep when did you come here? Are you okay? You didn’t call me after your arrival to Mumbai. Today also, you didn't call me. I would have arranged Uber taxi. Let us go there. I will introduce you to a beautiful young lady, who is going to become your life partner.”
“Pankaja, I know the beautiful young lady.”
“Very good."
“I don’t know her name. She met me on three occasions. We fought each other."
“I don't believe. She is a nice young woman. Anuradha is my student at the medical college. She is a bright student of the college. Anuradha is studying her final year MBBS course. I know her since five years. I also know your nature as a naughty boy since your childhood. You might have given her trouble. She is a most suitable life partner for you. I have specially chosen her for you.”
Sudeep became dumb and unable to express anything at that moment.
Observing her younger brother, “Sudeep what happened?”
"Pankaja, we both are orphans grown up in an orphanage. When we left the orphanage, I was just a fifteen-year-old boy. You were ten-years-older than me. You did MBBS & MD with first class. Your hard work paid your reward. You joined the medical college as a lecturer. Whatever I am today, it is on account of you. If you have neglected me, I would have been on the road. You are not only my elder sister but the mother also. But I am in the puzzle now," said Sudeep.
"Sudeep, what is your problem?"
Sudeep narrated the happenings of three occasions. He was reluctant to meet her. Pankaja insisted her brother to forget everything for her sake.
“My dear brother Sudeep, relationships get stronger when both are willing to understand mistakes and forgive each other.”
Sudeep lost his mother when he was just eight years. At the age of ten, he lost his father. Pankaja was a guardian for him. Sudeep completed MBBS & MS with the help of his only sister Pankaja. He cannot say No to his sister. He accepted her sister's advice after continuous persuasion.
"Yes! I agree with your proposal. No one in this world is pure and perfect. If you avoid people for mistakes, you will be alone in this world. So judge less and love more," said Sudeep.
"I am happy that you have changed your mind," said Pankaja.
Both went there.
“Anuradha, he is my younger brother Dr. Sudeep. He is a surgeon and working in a multi-speciality hospital in Bengaluru.”
Anuradha was surprised to see him. She recollected the past incidents. She got up from her seat and said with folded hands, "Sudeep, I beg your pardon. I am not a perfect person. I do commit a lot of mistakes. But I really appreciate those people, who meet me after knowing how really I am....?”
Sudeep could not tolerate his emotion and said, “Anuradha, please excuse me. I too misbehaved with you. When we commit mistakes, there are only three things to bear in mind. Admit it, learn from it and never repeat it.”
"Sudeep, it was a mistake from both sides. Whatever happens, happens for good. I have to own up to what I didn't do right. That's how I learn and respect. In future, we must be very careful with our behaviour and words. Once they come out from the mouth can only be forgiven not forgotten."
Sudeep observed Anuradha’s simplicity, beauty, and good nature. He conveyed his willingness to accept her as his life partner.
He said, "Anuradha, I love you."
"Sudeep, I too love you very much."
"Yes! I am lucky to have a life partner like you," said Sudeep.
They exchanged garland in the presence of all the ladies. The past incidents have become memorable to them. Whenever they find the time, both used to recollect and laugh.

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Jul 09, 2019
love to read it
by: Your Name:Pankaj

This story makes me believe that there are lots of people like me

although it is a imaginary story but still I Love it.

Feb 11, 2018
by: Vaman Acharya

Thank you, Vishnu Premselva for your comments and suggestion.

Feb 09, 2018
Great write up.
by: Your Name: Vishnu premselva

I really appreciate your level of in depth understanding of love and relationship.. when we commit mistakes, bear it in mind." Admit,learn, and enever repeat".. super lines... Keep writing my friend.

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