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Blessing of Motherhood

by Reena Deshpande
(Jersey City, USA)

The entire afternoon Sandhya had been recalling the frightening past. Her little baby Tanaya was into a deep fantasyland happily napping by her side. Life had been eternally beautiful since the birth of Tanaya. Everyday with Tanaya was like a gift from god that Sandhya opened every day. She had yearned for all this for five long years.

For the past five years, life had been very different for her and her husband Kedar. After completing their US project, they were back in home country with a new hope of extending their family. Everybody in the family were all set to welcome a new little angel. But, as days turned into months and months were turning into years, this little wish started becoming the worry of everyone at home. Sandhya was craving for motherhood. Visits to doctors in town had become a routine.

Sandhya remembered those terrifying days. The various tests she went through to detect what was delaying the conception were all so painful. She would take injections month on month. The doctors couldn't spot a problem for a long time leaving them a hope every month. The disappointment that followed was even worst. She would feel so depressed and helpless. She was literally begging for motherhood, something that was so easily achieved by some others around. Every day she had
this one prayer to god - please give me my baby !! The mental torture from the society was also a thing to add to the pain. Days were truly hell for Sandhya during that phase of trying to conceive. She still believed in God firmly and held on with patience that some day God will bless her and IT HAPPENED !!!

Out of nowhere, one fine day they came across Dr. Joshi through a family friend and referred their case to him. He investigated and with the latest technology tools and tests, had an entirely new approach to finding the correct treatment. Sandhya had a new hope now. Another chance that she was keeping her fingers crossed for. And it finally clicked. With the right diagnosis and corrective treatment, the pregnancy test finally turned positive for Sandhya. It was probably the happiest day in their life when Dr. Joshi confirmed the pregnancy.

A beautiful phase of life had begun. A new beginning and an end to the depressing chapter of life that was closed forever.

As Sandhya's mind ran through all the memories, she suddenly heard her baby waking up and she was ready for another beautiful evening with Tanaya. She thought to herself - thank you god for putting life into my life!! Her faith and patience had paid off.

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Oct 01, 2016
by: Name

footsteps of sense are seen in the beginning and the end lines.

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- By Admin

Sep 28, 2016
this is not a story
by: richa

was it a story.bakwas

Sep 22, 2016
Very nice story
by: Omkar

Nice story! Keep it up!

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