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Boiled eggs and curry sauce

by Maria Isabel Cecilia Pascual

November 19, 2010

7:15 am / Dining room

Everyone might ask what is the significance nor why did I choose to discuss such common things or title. I'll tell you later ...Let me begin with my little tale/ story...

For a few days now we've been feasting on chicken curry. We would break the pace by eating homemade sandwiches in between. I was bursting with extremely positive emotions that I made a huge dish of this odd recipe of mine. based on the ''Master's daughter's recipe and the annoying rooster . This could feed more than 10 hungry mouths or more, perhaps this was just an extension/ a mirror image of what I was feeling that day. For I met three wonderful friends and thus adding more sunshine into my daily existence. Who are they? I refused to devuldge due to privacy issue or how do they call it in the health care facilities in the USA, HIPAA? chuckling softly .

My Inang Maria used to tell me, "Anak, life is so unpredictable and full of surprises, so whatever I am teaching you now and all other past occasions maybe difficult. And you might say or conclude that I was just making things more difficult for you...But that is not so, you may not understand it completely because your mind is not yet fully matured or maybe clouded with childish thoughts. This is my way of preparing you for the countless days ahead of you in the future. You will
remember all of my teachings and "sermons" as you termed it grudgingly."

Like an ancient prophecy, what Inang Maria had told me were all true...Sometimes my stride at life falters but her words of wisdom accompanies me through all life's struggles. It serves as my crutch and cushion during those times.

Life itself is a contradictory ... And happiness itself can be overwhelming and can overflow. When we are surrounded by abundant and beautiful things constantly, we human beings tend not to value it. We treat it so casually , thrash it and throw it away carelessly without thinking.

At this point I would like to interject the title I made for this story and its importance...Yes, the curry...Just like the curry I made few days ago. I did not dare to throw it because of many life's lesson I've had for many years, we must start to learn to value things even if they're seemingly so "ordinary."

Last night we had a simple family meal consisted of steamed white rice, boiled eggs and curry sauce lovingly prepared by my husband. The boiled eggs tasted so delicious that night for it was his hands that patiently peeled off and removed every cracked shells that stubbornly adhered to its surface. Such ordinary task but coupled with genuine love and concern for us, I felt so deliriously happy and contented more than any kings or queens that ruled the land. For I had the most finest meal of all .... Boiled eggs & curry sauce!

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Jan 07, 2011
Thank you Vimala...
by: isabel

Yes, everything feels great and taste far better when it's coming from our beloved husband or family member... even simple things becomes priceless and valuable.

Dec 12, 2010
by: vimala ramu

You have had a royal repast made more tasty with husband's love !

Dec 06, 2010
Thank you
by: cecilia

Thank you all...

Jose for patiently reading my humble sharing...

@ Padmaja, I am glad it made you hungry for this dish =)

@ anno least you find something likable here even my name!

Thank you all again for finding time to read this posting...Have a great day!

Dec 04, 2010
by: padmaja


Dec 03, 2010
Sweet and funny.
by: Jose Gabriel

Those are priceless moments that any human being can experience, not even money can buy the love and the happiness it brings to the author. Appreciation is the word, appreciate every little things that we have, for it may be little or minute and ordinary for us but to some, those are big or great and extra ordinary things already.

Nov 30, 2010
geez!thats great
by: Anonymous

thats cool eh!hahaha!but i love the name most!

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