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Book Review: A Walk Through Life by Santhosh K. Komaraju

by Enakshi J
(Bangalore, India)

Walks Through Life
Author: Santhosh K. Komaraju
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 4/5

Life is a journey that is difficult and often very cruel. Knowing that we cannot hold life by the hair, humility and the willingness to learn are the only two ways that will enable you to survive the vicissitudes (J. K. Rowling). ‘Walks Through Life’ is a walk through the process of self-discovery. It consists of short stories that are didactic in nature and leave behind a lesson for life once they have been read.

Inspired by the lessons taught by the Hindu mythology, this book uses lucid and easy language to convey what it intends. While reading the stories, I was reminded of the Panchatantra stories that often had the mention of a mystical forest, a powerful king, grandparents’ warnings and the quest to discover self. In the world where each one of us is so pre-occupied in winning the rat race, we often compromise our values and ethics. The author deftly takes the readers on a journey that exposes the stark reality of the world we live in today. At the same time, he uses characters in whom we can see our reflection too. This helps in establishing connectivity.

Walks Through Life has a meaningful collection of stories and each of the stories have certain characters that leave an indelible impact on our mind. Out of the many, ‘Two Misjudgements’ and ‘A Letter From the Well’ stood out for me. Other stories highlight the importance of efforts in the right direction, the importance of mentors and their guidance and also subtly illustrate how greed, disdain and sloth are our biggest enemies. Even though at times, the description of a situation might seem repetitive, the stories are a breezy read.

Overall, ‘Walks Through Life’ is a well-articulated and a notable work of fiction that deserves to be read. I am glad that for once Notion Press has a done a better job with the editing and the proofreading of the book.

Best wishes to the author!

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