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Book Review - And She Waited 60 years by Vimala Ramu.

by Eva Bell
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

The poem ‘Rainbows’ is a meaningful prelude to the novella.

The novella “And She Waited for 60 Years” is the narrative of a young girl’s teenage crush that lingered in the secret recesses of her heart for all of sixty years. There was a time when she could have married the boy Ajay whom she loved, but for the unlucky star under which she was born. It predicted death for her mother-in-law, and Aradhana was not prepared to risk such a tragedy.

Happily married to Vinod an Air Force Officer, and maintaining cordial relations with Ajay and his wife, would Aradhana let her secret die with her? Or would she drive a wedge between the families? One must read the novella to find out her decision.

The story unfolds in a simple narrative style. But one is left wondering why Aradhana did what she did. Was it her curiosity to know if Ajay too had feelings for her? Or was it merely cathartic?

The reader is left with much food for thought. What spurred the protagonist’s decision? Is it possible to love two men simultaneously without jeopardizing either of the relationships? Is there such a thing as platonic love between a man and a woman? Perhaps the writer is thinking of a sequel to the story, to highlight the effects of Aradhana’s confession on both families.


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Aug 17, 2015
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by: Name

The novels are usually the stories of the people who used to write down the stories of their lives. People who cannot tell their stories to the other people. For the sake of their mind relief used to write the stories and the novels.

May 05, 2014
Congrats, Vimala.
by: Lakshmi

The title of the book itself makes it curious to know the story, and the review makes it even more interesting. I will be buying it soon.

May 02, 2014
by: NuggehalliPankaja

Eva Bell's review makes the novel sound very interesting!

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