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Book Review: Behold, I Shine by Freny Manecksha

by Enakshi J

Behold, I Shine
Author: Freny Manecksha
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Appearances are mostly deceptive and Kashmir is not an exception. The Green Valley of dreams, that was once as peaceful as sleep, is now a hub of violence and deaths. Amidst political altercations and physical rampage, the lives of the Kashmiri women have been affected badly. There are so many cases of violence, sexual harassment, and rapes against the daughters of Eve. The number of half-widows has risen in recent times. Amidst all this, the forgotten struggles of these women never come into the light.

‘Behold, I Shine’ is a compilation of such stories of resilience and strength that can cause goosebumps. The heart-wrenching and intimidating stories are bound to make you cry, for you would not have heard of such inhuman behavior. But the narratives also promise to bring a smile on your face as they commemorate the vigor of the Valley.

The narratives reek of empathy and understanding and the author’s prowess in penning the real emotions does not leave any stone unturned to make the readers tremble. A lot of research and hard-work has gone into making this book and the essential truth is portrayed brilliantly. With editing as perfect as a fine-tooth comb, this masterpiece is a trove of emotions.

Like a silver lining in the gray clouds, this book has a lot to offer- perceptions, truth, and experience. Overall, it is a good read and should be added to the reading shelf.

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