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Book Review: CLeaning out my closet by Tasneem Sara

by Enakshi J. Bhatia
(Bangalore, India)

Title: Cleaning out my closet

Author: Tasneem Sara
Rating: 3.5/5

‘Cleaning out my closet’ is a subtle story revolving around Leher, who decides to take a stand and move on in her life, leaving behind the past and letting the bygones be bygones. She looks forward to new hopes, opportunities and embraces change for good. She decides to socialize and in the process, falls for her neighbor.
But life is not a bed of roses and the tables are turned when Leher is made to live her past yet again. The most dreaded series of events start happening again, making her life ball and chain. Will Leher be able to survive through the whirlpool of occurrences or will she be lost in it forever?
Grab your copy to know the answers!

My opinion
“There is only one kind of shock worse than the totally unexpected: the expected for which one has refused to prepare.” ‘Cleaning the closet’ is one such story that promises to take you through a rollercoaster ride all along. There are ingredients of joy, sorrow, hope, helplessness, love and faith. This plot is a complete recipe of a good story. The cover of the book is gloomy and confusing because it is not in coherence with the title of the book. The print quality is top notch. The font is, however, really small (abiding by the standard size would have been better). The back cover is nice and the blurb is catchy enough. A short introduction about the author develops the urge to know her more.
Coming to the plot, the plot is strong. It cannot be classified as new but yes, it has the capacity to bind the interest of the readers. In some chapters, I found the description a bit longer than required. The characterization of Leher and her fighting spirit is wonderful. The author has taken care of blending different emotions together in a commendable way.
Overall, this is a good and light read. Good effort done by the author!

There are some punctuation errors and at several places an unnecessary comma has been used. The font size might come out as a major drawback.

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