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Book Review: Knock Knock...I am Your Anesthesiologist

by Enakshi J
(Bengaluru, India)

Knock Knock…I am Your Anaesthesiologist
Author: Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar
Publisher: Quignog Publishing House
Rating: 3.5/5

All knowledge attains its ethical value and its human significance only by the human sense in which it is employed. Only a good man can be a great physician.
Hermann Nothnagel

Memoirs hold a different place in my heart because they are therapeutic. Reading true accounts of other people and experiencing their challenges can give insightful perspectives that can help us in our own life! ‘Knock Knock…I am Your Anaesthesiologist’ is an account by Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar that is worth reading.

Well-organized and well executed, the narrative uses lucid language and evokes empathy. The profession of doctors is not simple. Yes, it is true that nowadays people do not put the doctors on a high pedestal but not all doctors can be categorized like this. The author describes her journey that was fueled with grit and determination. Galvanized by the idea of serving humanity and making a difference to the world, the author put blood, sweat and tears to become a successful anesthesiologist. The job of an anesthesiologist is not only limited to administering anaesthesia. They play a vital role in the surgery suite as they are the catalyst that aids the success of the surgery.

A lot happens inside the operation theatre. As an anesthesiologist, the author also goes through a whirlpool of emotions like anxiety, sadness, helplessness, fear and debilitation. How nicely the narrative weaves all these emotions together and opens a doorway to a doctor’s life! The book contains a lot of medical terminologies which a layman reader might not be familiar with. I wish there was a glossary or annotated text.

Overall, unlike other non-fiction books, this book touches the heart. Yet when it comes to persuading the readers to perceive doctors as an epitome of benevolence, the book doesn’t pass the muster. There is no doubt in the fact that not all people are bad. And some doctors really depict altruism. A good read is how I would like to describe this book.

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