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Book Review: Let the Game Begin by Sandeep Sharma

by Enakshi Johri

Title of the Book: Let The Game Begin

Author: Sandeep Sharma
Publisher: Inspire India Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

“Let the game begin” is a miscellany of emotions ranging from friendship to revenge. The story revolves around the game of chess and how it has evolved over the years. Two kingdoms- Chaturanga and Sarprakt are at war with each other. But defeating Chaturanga was ball and chain. When the king Viratha is bestowed with a son, the whole kingdom is drowned in the celebrations; unaware of the consipiracy that is brewing in the other kingdom. Hence, the Game of Chess is reborn.
In a parallel world or rather years after, serial killings shock the people. The only clue that the police has is a chess piece and a message (in a different language) that they get with every dead body. Why is Chess a connecting link between these two different stories? Does the unresolved mystery of the past interferes with that of the present?
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My opinion
This novella is a complete pot boiler, with all the necessary ingredients of drama, emotions, revenge and twists. “Let the Game begin’ is a delightful read and leaves the readers with strong and insightful acumen. The title of the book says a lot. It is perfect. The cover is subtle and is exactly what this plot required. The blurb is self-sufficient and efficiently endorses the efforts of the author to build up the interest. The prologue builds sufficient interest and the readers will definitely be forced to turn the pages of the book.
The layout, font (size, style), indentation, text alignment and the content presentation is fine. The author has successfully portrayed the elements of suspense. The story is not restricted to one era but two. The conflict between the two kingdoms has been demonstrated with utter intelligence. The plotting and execution is really strong as every chapter ends in a cliffhanger.

The most striking feature of the book is the short and crisp chapters that offer neither too much information nor too little knowledge. Kudos to the research work done by the author. While reading, the readers will surely experience it in form of a movie because the characters will come to life and the scenes might seem relatable.

The foremost drawback in the book is that of editing and proofreading. There are major punctuation errors (closing quotation marks are missing time and again) and at places words are missing like Pg. 12, Para. 4, line 4 –‘The saint went asking for alms from one door to another but no one noticed him’. Some of the sentences contain incorrect linking verb like everyone takes was and not were. Another thing that I noticed was the incorrect use of ‘alien’. The correct usage is ‘alien to him’ and not ‘for him’.

Overall, an enticing read!

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