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Book Review of Complications by Danielle Steel

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

The story of the book COMPLICATIONS is mostly set in Paris. A fabulous luxury hotel named Hotel Louis XVI reopens to the public after a major renovation. The distinguished guests of the Hotel include businessmen, politicians, musicians and other notable people.

Among the guests are a French politician with a scandalous secret and leading a double life, a respected British physician prepared to end his life after knowing he has terminal cancer, an art consultant recovering from a horrible divorce, and a happy couple ready to start a second chance of love. One tumultuous night, some major, unexpected events take place in the hotel and change all of their destinies forever. The author tells the complicated stories of these hotel guests in this book titled COMPLICATIONS. Each of them has their own complicated story, with a bit of romance, suspense, danger and scandal.

The author deals with three storylines here.
In the first storyline, a politician, Patrick Martin, pays for his dirty game by losing his job and his family.

In the second storyline, which covers most of the story, the British physician (Aliastar) who thought he would not survive his terminal illness meets an art consultant Gabrielle who encourages him for treatment and supports him with her presence. Gabrielle, a single parent of two young girls, had stayed in the same Hotel with her ex husband in the past and now she had come alone for the first time, after her husband had left her for a very young girl. The story mainly revolves around Gabrielle and Alaistair, who gradually fall in love with each other, and hope for a happy life together. The medical hardship and the love story of Gabrielle and Aliastar are well portrayed in the story which makes the book a page turner.

In the third storyline, the life of the happy couple (Richard and Judythe) collapses suddenly when Richard gets a heart attack. The British physician plays an important role in reviving him by performing a timely CPR.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of repetition in the book. Nevertheless, it was easy to read and at the same entertaining too.

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