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Book Review of How I Survive Vizmom

by Enakshi J

How I Survive: Vizmom
Author: Vidhu Bhatnagar
Publisher: NotionPress Publishers
Rating: 3/5

‘How I survive: Vizmom’ is a common-sense guide to managing everyday stress.

Being a mother, a wife and a woman is not a cakewalk. A lot of patience, compromise and sensible thinking are required to cope with the stress that comes along with these roles. Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar successfully draws parallels between the positive and negative outlook towards life and how the former can aid in turning every odd in your favour!

While there is nothing momentous in this self-help book, the recipe that the author provides for a stress-free life is unusual because it is pragmatic and seemingly easy to follow! She doesn’t shy away from being blunt and admitting that contemplation of divorce is normal and apparently all women think about it at some point in their life. Her heart-to-heart narrative is impressive. It evokes empathy and makes the readers desirous of believing what is written.

‘How I Survived: Vizmom’ has been divided into numerous short chapters that are more story-like and less like a monologue. The experiences are all personal and they majorly focus of the importance of being an optimist and looking for the silver lining on a dark cloud. According to the author, the key to mental happiness is having a healthy response to stress and not avoiding it. The arguments presented are lightweight and reasonable at the same time.

However, the book does come with certain drawbacks. There are several grammatical errors and that might make the otherwise simple dialogues ambiguous. Even the title is incorrectly punctuated. The narration is verbose. The ideas are clear-cut and have been penned down with utmost sincerity. For an instance, the author’s belief in the presence of supreme power is backed by incidents that happen to us every day. The two most important qualities that can be imbibed after reading the book are the habit to acknowledge and the habit of finding the good in everything.

Overall, this book is more than just being a self-help book. It aims to make the readers learn from the experiences of a bus doctor, a doting wife and a caring parent. It has the calibre to enable the readers to become stronger- emotionally and spiritually. A light read, indeed!

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