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Book Review of Live in with a Ghost

by Enakshi Johri
(Bangalore, India)

Book: Live-in with a Ghost

Author: Kritika Sharma
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3/5

Love is a sublime feeling that is intangible and can be felt and expressed. Probably ‘Live-in with a ghost’ also tries to prove this point. This story is one such mushy (clichéd) love tale that makes you behave like a dog with two tails. The story is about Jia and Jay, who fall in love during their out-of-body experience. Although both have extremely different personalities, they fall in love instantly. ‘Live-in with a ghost’ is an emotional journey of a human and a ghost. But the lingering question is- what if Jai forgets his love when he wakes up?
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My opinion
“Live-in with a ghost” seems like a remake of ‘Just like heaven’ and ‘I see you’, the only difference being the interchange of characters and a small twist in the plot. Reading it, was just like watching either of the movies, yet again. The title of the book is fine, the cover is really catchy, especially the ink (or may be the color) used for writing the title. The print quality is good. However, the blurb of the book is misleading. While reading the first few chapters, one is forced to form an opinion that both the protagonists are ghosts (or rather in their out-of-body state). But then the plot changes and the blurb is proved right.
The flow of the story is good with lucid and easy narration. The characterization of Jia and Jay is good (I also like the names used). The indentation/ typesetting is awry.

Since the plot of the story is very much predictable, there is nothing new that the readers can expect. However, the writing style of the author might suit your interest.
So, if you like the mushy love tales that are clichéd, then this book wouldn’t disappoint you. Also, if you haven’t watched any of the movies mentioned above, this book would be a good choice.

The climax could have been a little somber because it is not necessary that every novel ends on a happy note.

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