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Book Review of Second Spring

by Enakshi Johri
(Bangalore, India)

Title of the Book: Second Spring

Author: Sandhya Jane
Publisher: ANISAN Technologies Inc.
Rating: 4.5/5

‘Fate is what happens to you in spite of all your plans’. ‘Second spring’ is all about subtle romance and involves a satiric approach to project the truth about life. Every time the odds cannot be in your favor and same happens with Avantika. Having faced defeat in matters of love once, Avantika does not hesitate to realize that love has become the bane of her life. It is more like Achilles heel for her. But tables turn and Rohan ignites the flame that was lost long back. The flickering light makes Avantika’s heart love again, unaware of the consequences that lie ahead. Will destiny play its role and stabilize Avantika’s life or will it toss and tumble her life and make her face the music?
Grab this book for experiencing a fresh spring romance!

My opinion
If it does not involve walking on the fire, it is not love. But what if your heart is in a mess, for it cannot decide whether to love or not? The blurb of the story is apt and very precise. It builds up interest of the readers and forces them to turn the pages of the book. The characterization is perfect. The cover of the book is mesmerizing and it actually gives the feeling of ‘spring’. The title is catchy. The font (style and size) and other technical details of the book are perfect.

The storyline is strong. The way the authoress has divided the content into two different perceptions of Rohan and Avantika, is commendable. The balance is so good that the interest is not lost at any point of time. The proofreading and editing is perfect except some minor mistakes like on page 30, where a ‘to’ is missing in third paragraph. Another mistake is on page 43, 4th paragraph- last line (the use of ‘that was’ is probably not required). Other than these, there are minor punctuation mistakes. But I have to compliment the editors and the authoress, as they ensured that their book is proofread again and again, before it reaches out to the readers. The portrayal of Avantika as a single mother, who is confident, smart, decisive and responsible, has been done judiciously. Similarly, the task of introducing a male protagonist, who compliments and balances the radiant personality of Avantika, has also been done rationally.

This is, so far, the best book- in terms of plot and characters, that I have come across. I really liked it a lot. A must read for all those who prefer reading rich content and strong storyline.

Best wishes to the author!

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