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Book Review of The Happiness Code

by Enakshi Johri
(Bangalore, India)

Book Name: The Happiness Code

Author: Suvasish Mukhopadhyay
Publisher: Peacock books
Rating: 3/5

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things”- Frank A. Clark.

‘The happiness code’ serves all the possible key combinations required to unlock the door to happiness- hot on the platter. The book puts forward 107 codes or rather opens up the corked bottle and lets out the Genie who can grant happiness. Each chapter has a personal touch and is relatable for every individual. The book attempts to awaken the dormant soul of people and lead them to inner happiness.
Catch hold of this book to explore what lies within and decipher what it takes to make life large.

My opinion
‘The happiness code’ is based on a peculiar concept of achieving happiness. It is more like a self-help book that can help an individual to learn from the experiences of the author. The cover of the book is apt. The blurb is a perfect balance of author introduction as well as the plot summary. The best feature of the book is the division and presentation of content in the form of short chapters that are easy to read and time friendly. The titles of the chapters are catchy and you can actually skip to that chapter which you want to read first, even if you have left out the initial few.
The font (style and size) are fine. Happiness lies in smaller things- and this book proves this correct. Another positive aspect of this book is the use of clear and simple language that can be understood by a not-so-avid reader too. Acting like a cherry on the cake, are the real life examples that the readers can find interesting

Overall, a new concept to savor the reading buds of your mind.
Best wishes to the author!

This book definitely deserves an overall high rating but there exists a major turn off in the book and that is the editing and proof reading part. Generally, such books are intended to reach out to people’s minds and make a strong impact. But with so many mistakes, the impact factor reduces to a large extent. The book lacks editing. Even the basics of punctuation have not been paid heed to.

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