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Book review of The One You Cannot Have by Preethi Shenoy

by Shiny Hoque
(Kolkata, India)

Title of the Book : The One You Cannot Have
Author : Preethi Shenoy
Publisher: Westland

My review:

The title is catchy enough to get one's attention.The story doesn't have twists and turns.But it has the power to make you read till the end. It digs deep into the hearts where unreturned love dwells. Shruti is a married woman who still loves her ex-lover Aman. Aman knows Shruti cannot come back to him, but deep down he loves only shruti.Years back Shruti had left Aman for the sake of her family.

Both Aman and Shruti go through the journey of moving on in their respective ways. A Series of events bring Shruti to Aman. One day Shruti asks Aman for a second chance. Is it possible to start over anew? Is it possible to put back the pieces from past together now? Is it possible to forgive?

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