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Book Review: Race Course Road by Seema Goswami

by Enakshi J
(Bangalore, India)

Book Name: Race Course Road
Author: Seema Goswami
Publisher: Aleph Books
Rating: 4/5

Power is contagious; power is venom. Once this silent poison gets into the system of any human, it deteriorates the ability to think and annihilates any humanity that is left within. ‘Race Course Road’ is a political thriller that reeks of hatred and deception. With distinctly etched characters, the novel is riveting and interesting. The book will be a good read for the ones who are politically well informed.

“Race Course Road” offers a miscellany of emotions ranging from love to hatred. The story elicits the conflict between Karan Pratap Singh and Asha Devi, who are bonded by blood that is not strong enough to withstand the tension between them. Their quest for power makes them malicious and they give rise to a whirlpool of vicious politics.
The conundrum of Race Course Road, which is the official residence of the Prime Minister, is primarily set in Delhi where the murder takes place. As the story progresses, we realize how the murder morphs into a well-planned conspiracy.

I would not say that reading this book was easy because it had too much information for an apolitical person like me. But the taut plot and the straight-forward storyline made it easier. I wished that the font was bigger.

The story is filled with drama, emotions, revenge but lacks twists. It is a delightful read and leaves the readers with strong and insightful acumen. It is perfect. The cover is subtle and is exactly what this plot required. The blurb is self-sufficient and efficiently endorses the efforts of the author to build up the interest.

Overall, ‘Race Course Road’ is intense and relatable. It explores the dark side of politics which often remains hidden behind the façade of bogus promises.

Best wishes to the author!

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