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Book Review: Somewhere to Go by Shambhavi

by Enakshi J
(Bangalore, India)

Somewhere to Go
Author: Shambhavi
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

‘Fate is what happens to you in spite of all your plans’. We all know the essence of these words, for we have been there and experienced it all in some form. But to turn the course of life in your favour requires a lot of audacity and faith. ‘Somewhere to Go’ is a novella that is based on the concept of self-discovery. It stresses the importance of having a clearer view of life and never ceasing to find the answers to all the ambiguous answers that one has. Buddha has rightly explained the importance of the Eightfold path and thus, it is essential for us all to be aware and alert and know what we want from life.

With high hopes, Risha and Aysher join the media industry. In course of time, not only do they become successful but also are able to achieve their dreams. Struck by cupid’s arrow, they decide to get married. But something is amiss. In spite of all the love that they have for each other, Aysher's mind wanders on the path of self-discovery. Unlike what the readers would expect from Risha, she accepts what is in store for her and supports Aysher’s journey.

‘Somewhere to Go’ is all about subtle romance and involves a satiric approach to project the truth about life. The blurb of the story is apt and very precise. It builds up the interest of the readers and forces them to turn the pages of the book. The characterization is perfect. The cover of the book is mesmerizing and the amalgamation of greens gives it a classic appeal. The title is catchy. The font (style and size) and other technical details of the book are perfect.

The storyline is strong. But the simple yet lengthy conversations make the content boring. The narrative is really simple and can be understood by everyone. However, the lack of seasoning in language makes it dreary. There are some minor grammatical errors that can irk the reader.

Overall, ‘Somewhere to Go’ offers an interesting read and doesn’t fail to impress with its simple language. Best wishes to the author!

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